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We are happy to introduce you to all the new features we added to SEMrush in November. We hope you will give these features a try and let us know how they work for you. Here is what we have been working on:


Add More Position Tracking Data to Your Google Data Studio Reports

As you know, with a SEMrush Business subscription, you can add SEMrush data to your reports in Google Data Studio. Many users sent us the feedback that the Rankings Distribution widget with the Position Tracking Landscape report is what they would like to include in their Google Data Studio reports.

So, we have added a new report type for our Position Tracking connector – Organic Rankings Evolution. With its help, you can create a widget that illustrates the historical trend of your rankings distribution. Now in your reports, you can have data on how many keywords you had in an exact position or within a range of positions during a period of time. It is useful to keep track of your changes in ranking by important keywords, so if something changes, you can quickly analyze why the positions have fallen and take action.

SEMrush Position Tracking Data in Google Data Studio Reports

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Change Targeting Settings Without Deleting Your Project

[Position Tracking and On Page SEO Checker]

You have requested this feature for a long time, and we have finally implemented it; in two tools at once! 

Now in Position Tracking and On Page SEO Checker, you can change targeting location, language, or device in the settings of your already created campaign, and you don’t need to delete the whole Project or move it to another Project.

As an example, if you created a campaign with the wrong targeting, or you want to collect ideas based on a more local level, this functionality will help you.

It is important to mention: changing any targeting settings will lead to a loss of all ranking history for the current target. So, if you change the campaign settings, we won’t be able to restore your previous data.

Change Targeting Settings Without Deleting Your Project in On Page SEO Checker

Fix Broken Pages Quickly Using the Target URL Filter in Backlink Audit

We are continuing to improve the features we announced in the previous digest. In October, we added the option to find links in your or your competitor’s backlink profile that lead to broken pages

To see these pages, use the Target URL error filter in the Backlink Audit tool. Since November, using this filter, you will also see exactly what error occurred on the page as well as recommendations on how to fix this (as in the Site Audit).

Target URL error filter in Backlink Audit

Website Quality

New Listing Management Widgets in Reviews

We have added two new widgets to the Listing Management tool so you can evaluate the general trend of audience satisfaction with your business. 

Now, on the Reviews tab, in addition to the list of reviews, the following data is available: 

  • Total number of reviews.
  • Average Star Rating widget based on all reviews to date.
  • Review Progress based on reviews for the last year.

Based on this data, continue working with the reviews. Analyze the reviews right from the tool, press the “Open review” button to visit the directory where the review is located, respond to your audience and get ideas on how you can improve your business reputation.

Reviews tab in the Listing Management tool

Manage your business listings>>

Check the Originality of Content with SEO Writing Assistant: Exclude Your Domain 

As you know, plagiarism is one of the checks that affect the overall score of your text in SEO Writing Assistant. Now, in the add-on, there is an opportunity to exclude your domain from the plagiarism check using the “excluded resources” option. 

If you use the WordPress add-on, then you don’t need to do anything – your current domain is automatically excluded from checking.

Check the Originality of Your Text in SEO Writing Assistant

Use the Full Functionalities of SEO Writing Assistant Without Leaving SEMrush

A quick reminder that we redesigned both the Google Docs and the WordPress add-ons in August. Now, we have also integrated the full functionality of the add-on to the SEO Writing Assistant page inside the SEMrush platform

In the interface, we now offer a division of the overall score and all checks into sections: Readability, SEO, Originality, and Tone of voice. With this division, you will know what you need to focus on and the specific steps that you need to take. 

In the Originality section, you can now check your text for plagiarism, which previously used to be available only with the add-on.

SEO Writing Assistant Without Leaving SEMrush

Optimize your text in just a few clicks>>

Estimate the Monetization Potential of Any Website with the AdSense Benchmark Tool (NEW)

The new AdSense Benchmark Tool is an excellent solution for bloggers, affiliate managers, and anyone who is looking for ways to discover the monetization potential of their website. 

By combining SEMrush data, we estimate how much a website could have potentially earned if the owner was to integrate AdSense banners.

The AdSense Benchmark tool is part of the Display Advertising tool; you can dive into it from the Display Advertising Overview. When you enter the domain name in the search bar, you will get the estimated ad revenue and monetization potential. 

AdSense Benchmark Tool

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Get the monetization potential in one click>>

Marketplace: Collaborate With a Specific Author Whose Articles Best Suit Your Needs

Not so long ago, we introduced Marketplace, a place where, in just a few clicks, you can order traffic-driving content written by experienced copywriters.

If you are satisfied with the content you have received through Marketplace and highly rate the writer’s work, then you can order a new article from the same author. 

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Order a content in a few clicks>>

Competitive Intelligence

Please Welcome Our Competitive Intelligence Add-on

If you enjoy getting data on the fly, take a look at our Competitive Intelligence add-on, which combines the power of Traffic Analytics and Market Explorer and will always be at hand. 

You are welcome to purchase the Competitive Research Bundle, which includes the entirety of the main SEMrush software suite in addition to the Competitive Intelligence add-on for one price.

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Get an Understanding of Any Market with the Market Explorer – More Countries Added 

Market Explorer, which gives you the opportunity to view your data and research your market, became available for users who purchased the Competitive Intelligence add-on. 

If you don’t have such a subscription, then you can use the Overview tab with a bar graph showing your competitors in your market. Here you can see the percentage of competitors’ visits relative to your own traffic.

However, access to other data will be limited. To get the ability to view competitors’ traffic trends, info about traffic sources in market traffic trends, a Relevant Sites report, market audience interests, age, and gender, or to see historical data, you will need the Competitive Intelligence add-on. 

What changed in Market Explorer in November?

  • In November, we increased the number of countries that you can evaluate with the tool — 36 additional countries. Check if the country you need is there, and if you have a need for any other countries, let us know!
  • Now with the help of the Relevant Sites report you can see a more complete picture in widely competitive markets; instead of the first 100 sites most relevant to your queried domain in the niche, you will see up to 500 domains of the industry, see the values of changes in their traffic for the last month, and export the list.

Get an Understanding of Any Market with the Market Explorer

See the market traffic size, industry leaders, traffic trends, share of visits, and audience characteristics>>

New Template in My Reports: All Competitor Data From Different SEMrush Tools

Monitoring your competitors on a regular basis is a digital marketing must. To help you streamline this process, we offer the Competitor Analysis template in My Reports, which does the work for you. 

Find it in the template gallery, customize to your needs, and enjoy the monthly overview of your rivals’ online performance that will be delivered right into your mailbox. 

New Template in My Reports - Competitor Analysis template

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Quickly Analyze a Website’s Presence Using Our Updated Domain Overview

Take a look at our brand-new design in the Domain Overview. We hope you like it and find it user-friendly.

We are sure it will be even more convenient for you to analyze metrics about a domain’s online visibility, estimated organic and paid traffic, number of backlinks, top keywords, and more. 

new design in the Domain Overview

Find the Most Suitable Keywords to Promote Your Business with the Massive Keyword Magic Tool Database

We are pleased to inform you that we now have 17 billion keywords from 118 countries’ databases in the Keyword Magic Tool Database. Approx. 600 million keywords were added with the last update. We would especially like to congratulate France – the number of keywords for this database has exceeded 1 billion.
Other milestones include: 

  • ??Brazil +66M – 1.6B
  • ??United States +66M – 2.2B
  • ??United Kingdom +26M – 782M
  • ??Spain +23M – 649M
  • ??Italy +20M – 573M
  • ??Germany +20M – 639M
  • ??Canada +18M – 528M
  • ??Mexico +18M – 455M
  • ??Poland +18M – 510M

We want to thank you for being a Keyword Magic Tool user and supporter! Our goal is to continue improving for you. You can always check any other stats about SEMrush big data here.

Analyze Multiple Domains at Once While Sorting and Exporting the Data From the New Bulk Analysis Report

In the last digest, we presented to you the new Bulk Analysis report in Traffic Analytics, and we are very grateful for your feedback! 

With Bulk Analysis, you can get traffic metrics on up to 200 individual domains simultaneously. With your help, we realized what could be improved and added data sorting functionality. Now, you can sort the results directly in the tool and choose the option to export both the sorted version of the report and the original report to CSV.

Bulk Analysis report in Traffic Analytics

A small but super-important addition to Traffic Analytics is the ability to filter results in the Top Pages report. Using the search box, you can find a competitor’s top pages related to a specific topic only. 

For example, the site you are interested in has excellent results on incoming traffic and hundreds of pages in the Top Pages report, but you are only interested in their blog strategy or, let’s say, a specific product. In this case, you type your query into the search bar and then analyze Unique Pageviews, Unique Visitors, Entrances, and Entrance Sources only for those pages that are related to their blog or the specific product.

Run a Bulk Analysis >>

Get Alerts About Competitors’ Updates in Advertising Research

Many users like our Alerts about their site ranking changes from Position Tracking. Now, we have added a cool new feature to our Advertising Research, which allows you to set up Alerts if the tool finds competitor domain ads that haven’t appeared for this domain at the national level before. For example, you believe your competitor typically runs ads at the local level, but you suspect that they plan to expand the business and advertise throughout the country.

From now on, you won’t have to periodically check the domain, if you see “no data” when researching your competitor, you can just click “Notify Me”. When we find any ads from that domain in the chosen country on SERPs, you will receive an email notification with data and a link to the report.

You can also find all “completed” and “waiting” alerts right in the interface, so you will be able to easily review them. 

Alerts in Advertising research

Analyze live ad examples from competitors’ campaigns and the keywords their competitors are bidding on or set an Alert>>

That is all the updates for November. Let us know how you like the updates; we can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the features we have rolled out. Let us know what is good and what needs further improvement in the comments. 

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