Google Ads to Explain Why Changes in Performance Occurred

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Google Ads will now provide explanations for why specific changes in performance likely occurred.

Advertisers can request explanations by clicking on the new “See Explanations” button.

“Understanding why your performance changes is critical when optimizing a campaign. However, it can be time-consuming to diagnose why your metrics can fluctuate. To help you understand some performance changes in your campaigns and ad groups faster, you can now request explanations.”

Advertisers can view explanations for changes in impressions, clicks, and cost. Google Ads will provide the most likely reasons behind why the changes occurred.

With this new feature, advertisers can spend less time diagnosing performance changes and more time optimizing their campaigns. Look for it next time you’re comparing changes over time – significant changes will be emphasized in blue, as shown in the example below.

Google Ads to Explain Why Changes in Performance OccurredGoogle Ads to Explain Why Changes in Performance Occurred

Google asks that advertisers keep the following in mind before getting started with explanations:

  • Explanations is currently available for manual CPC or eCPC Search campaigns
  • Explanations can compare two time periods of equal length within the last 90 days
  • Explanations may only show for campaigns with significant performance changes

Lastly, explanations is currently in beta. Its functionality will be expanded on over the coming months.

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