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Instagram is introducing a new policy that will prohibit influencers from publishing certain types of content.

Under this new policy, branded content that promotes goods such as vaping, tobacco products, and weapons will not be allowed.

Instagram’s existing advertising policies have long prohibited that type of content, but the policies were not strictly enforced. That will change in the coming weeks, which is when the company says it will ramp up enforcement.

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Policy changes are also coming that will affect branded content promoting alcohol and diet supplements. No exact details have been provided regarding the changes, Instagram just says there will be “special restrictions.”

Instagram is in the process of building new tools to enforce this upcoming policy change, which will help creators comply by restricting who can see their content, based on age.

The policies around branded content promoting alcohol or diet supplements will not go into effect until next year. Presumably, Instagram will provide further details before then.

Despite regularly introducing new restrictions on what users can and cannot promote, Instagram acknowledge that creators are a vital part of the community. The company will continue adding more resources to help creators achieve their goals in 2020.

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