Google to Deduplicate Featured Snippets & This Week’s Digital Marketing News

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Don’t miss the latest episode of Marketing O’Clock! Jess Budde, Greg Finn, and Christine Zirnheld are breaking down the digital marketing news you need to know before the weekend.

We’ll give you our thoughts on Google’s organic listing changes, Spotify’s new feature for influencers, favicons in the desktop search results, and much more.

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Plus, we’ll tell you our criteria for the perfect flight, why the Twitter explore tab reminds of Ty Pennington, and our unfiltered thoughts on the Mr. Peanut Twitter campaign.

Google will not repeat featured snippet listings on page 1 

Twitter is abuzz with talk about Google’s changes to organic listings, so we dive deep to answer all of the tough questions.

Does anyone click on featured snippets?

Could being the first organic listing negatively impact performance?

And, what are “snippet variants” anyway?

Changes coming to Google’s Collections

Google will group similar pages you’ve visited into collections, which we don’t plan on using to plan parties anytime soon.

In our ICYMI segment, Julie Bacchini and Amy Middleton Hebdon (and every other digital advertiser in the world) vent about Google Ads’ budgets. It really shouldn’t be this hard!

Then, we answer these important questions during our lightning round segment:

  • Who can post stories of their Spotify playlists?
  • What uncommon blog tactics are the most effective?
  • When is Google removing ad labels from Google Flights?
  • Where can you turn on parallel tracking for Google video campaigns?
  • Why should we care that Google is sunsetting support for data-vocabulary?
  • How is Microsoft tricking people into using Bing?

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