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You vs. the interweb’s ads.

You dodge, ignore, and scroll past. You install ad blockers.

Ad networks find their way around your ad blockers so we can pay the bills.

It’s currently a zero sum game where the stakes have never been higher for publishers, especially ones like Search Engine Journal, which doesn’t have a paywall.

We subsist entirely on advertiser revenues to bring you the latest in search news and best practices.

That’s why Search Engine Journal is proud to partner with Scroll, joining USA Today, Business Insider, The Onion, and a couple dozen more publications.

The founders are formerly of Chartbeat, Spotify, and Foursquare. Scroll’s investors include The New York Times, Samsung NEXT, Gannett, and Bertelsmann.

Talk about some serious media powerhouses! And they’re all hoping Scroll can make the web a better place to be for both publishers and readers.

Want to read a faster, ad-free Search Engine Journal? Read on.

How Does Scroll Work?

  1. Publishers implement Scroll’s integration directly on their sites which hide ads and disable trackers for Scroll users.
  2. Scroll users pay $5/month for ad-free access to a growing list of publishers. (Founding members get 50% off for the first 6 months.)
  3. Publishers get paid by Scroll based on their share of your engagement.

What Sites Are Participating?

Scroll’s network has launched with a growing number of major websites and networks, including BuzzFeed News, The Atlantic, The Verge, Gizmodo, and Slate.

Scroll network

Scroll works across all major browsers and devices. It even works in in-app browsers like Twitter, Facebook, Flipboard, and Reddit.

Beside blocking ads and trackers, Scroll provides a simple reading experience.

In your account, you’ll find your reading activity as well as where you left off in an article.

Reading activity

You have the option to listen to an article by clicking a button as well.

An Ad-Free Search Engine Journal (Or: a Better Web for Everyone)

Much appreciation goes to Scroll’s Partnership Manager Dana Lacey for working with us to get up and running so quickly.

Here’s to a better, faster, web (that still allows us to make payroll!).

Scroll currently offers a 30-day free trial.

Scroll ad free network

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