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Exciting changes are coming to shopping campaigns in Microsoft Advertising.

The platform announced this week that they’ll soon be rolling out new functionality aimed at saving advertisers time and offering better visibility into product performance.

Improvements include:

  • A better way to look at product groups across multiple campaigns.
  • New options for bulk and automated bid changes.
  • Additional performance data for subsets of products.

Here’s what you need to know.

A New View For Product Groups

In what Microsoft Advertising is calling a redesigned Product Group experience, a new list view offers more flexibility and visibility for advertisers.

Product Groups can now be viewed at the account and campaign level (previously you could only view them within a specific ad group), and a new filtering feature will allow users to quickly and easily drill down to specific Product Groups based on a number of different criteria.

More Granular Product Group Data

Also new to the experience is performance data for Product Group subdivisions. Certain metrics will now be visible at this level, allowing advertisers to see how specific product categories are performing.

Make Bulk Changes to Product Groups

With this new list view, advertisers will now have the option to apply bulk bid changes to their Product Groups.

Microsoft Advertising Program Manager, Joseph Damiani, shared this look at the new bulk bid adjustment capability:

Better Product Group Management, Scripts & More Coming to Microsoft Shopping Campaigns

Scripts are also being made available across Microsoft shopping campaigns, making it even easier to apply performance-based changes at scale.

Better Shopping Campaign Management

Easier management of shopping campaigns means less time spent on monotonous tasks and more effort put toward meaningful changes that drive results.

These updates will make key performance data available across multiple levels of campaign hierarchy and easier to access in general.

All great things in the name of efficient account management!

The new features will be rolling out to all advertisers running Microsoft shopping campaigns in the coming weeks.

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