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Pinterest is accelerating the rollout of a new home page tab called “Today” which features daily inspiration with curated content.

According to the announcement, Pinterest is launching the Today tab sooner than expected because people are in need of ideas now.

“As people adjust to a new normal, they’re coming to Pinterest to stay inspired. In fact, over the last weekend, we saw an all-time high around the world with more saves and searches on the platform than any other weekend in our history.”

There has been particularly significant growth in searches for topics such as:

  • Planning what to cook
  • Lesson plans for kids
  • Craft projects
  • Tips for growing vegetables
  • And other at-home activities

Last weekend Pinterest saw the highest user engagement rates in its history in countries that are particularly hard hit by coronavirus like Italy, France, Spain, and Germany.

In an effort to provide people with more of what they’re looking for, Pinterest is rolling out the Today tab imminently.

What’s in Pinterest’s Today Tab?

Pinterest’s today tab will initially feature expert information from the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control on topics like hand washing during the coronavirus epidemic.

Pinterest Introduces ‘Today’ Tab With Focus on COVID-19 Related Content

The Today tab will also provide inspiration for ways people can use their time effectively while practicing social distancing.

Some particularly popular categories right now, which will be featured in the Today tab, include:

Kid-friendly baking ideas
Self-care tips
Family-favorite movies
Comfort food recipes
And similar topics

The Today tab will be featured at the top of the home feed right next to the “For You” tab.

Pinterest Introduces ‘Today’ Tab With Focus on COVID-19 Related ContentPinterest Introduces ‘Today’ Tab With Focus on COVID-19 Related Content

Personalized recommendations will continue to be found in the “For You” tab.

By design, the Today tab is narrowly focused on serving popular content based on what’s happening in the world.

Right now, that happens to be anything and everything related to coronavirus.

Eventually the content in the Today tab will change when people begin searching for other topics.

Inspiring Others On Pinterest

If you’re looking for ways to provide inspiration to folks on Pinterest during this time, here’s some further data on what’s trending in the US.

Other trending topics on Pinterest in the US include:

  • Indoor activities with kids (up 1,300%)
  • Working from home (up 170%)
  • Freezer meals (up 155%)

There’s a clear pattern here when it comes to what types of searches are spiking on Pinterest (and likely elsewhere on the web, for that matter).

Any type of indoor recreation is hot right now, with a particular emphasis on activities that involve the whole family.

That makes sense because everyone is encouraged to stay at home so they’re looking for ways to stay occupied.

There’s a growing interest in learning about sustainable practices when it comes to food.

As items become scarce at the supermarket, and people want to take fewer trips to the store, they’re looking for ways to grow and cook food at home.

Interest in educational topics is also spiking as kids and young adults are all home from school for an extended period of time.

The Today tab is rolling out now on iOS and Android in the US and UK, with more countries to come.

Source: Pinterest Newsroom


What is the “Today” tab on Pinterest?

The “Today” tab is a curated feed of content that reflect trending searches on the platform.


Is content in Pinterest’s “Today” tab personalized?

No, the content is not personalized. Everyone sees the same content in the Today tab.

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