Google Search Adds Feature For Keeping Track of Movies & Shows to Watch

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Google is launching a watchlist in search results to help people track the movies and shows they want to see.

This feature is an extension of the TV and movie recommendations system Google added to search results last year.

“When you’re deciding on a TV show or movie to watch, there are a lot of options out there.

And figuring out what content is available across all your subscriptions can be time consuming and overwhelming.

You can already find TV and movie recommendations in Search and today we’re adding a new Watchlist tab on mobile, so that you can keep track of what to watch next.”

Add Recommendations to the Watchlist

Searching for “what to watch” will bring up a list of personalized recommendations.

Until now, Google did not offer a way for users to keep track of recommended films and shows they wanted to see.

Of course, there are any number of ways for users to do that on their own, but it’s more convenient if they can do it directly in Google.

Now that option is available.

Google Search Adds Feature For Keeping Track of Movies & Shows to Watch

Users can browse through their personalized recommendations and click on “Watchlist” to add a title to a list of things they eventually want to see.

That list will be tied to a user’s Google account, so they’ll be able to add more titles to their list across any mobile device.

It will also be possible to add a title to the watchlist when searching for a show or movie.

Users can access their watchlist by searching for “my watchlist” or tapping on the Collections tab in the Google app.

This feature is rolling out to search results within the coming week.

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