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The reports are in and video is winning for small and medium-sized businesses business, especially during COVID-19.

A new study on small business marketer behavior reveals an increased focus on video marketing and as well as using videos to get found on search.

According to the study, 64% responded that video is the most effective form of online marketing content. And almost half of the respondents agreed that they must create videos in order to grow their business.

This study conducted by surveyed more than 500 marketers and small business owners from around the world.

The data was combined with 2019 data of their more than 1 million users to identify how marketers create videos and use them to reach their audiences and grow their businesses.

Below are more video marketing stats and facts according to the Promo Small Business Marketing Trends report:

  • 70% of SMBs post videos to Instagram and Facebook Stories.
  • 62% of respondents create up to 5 videos per month.
  • 76% spend less than 20 minutes to create a video, with 49% who can create in less than 10 minutes (via users).
  • 59% of respondents combine their own photos and videos with stock footage.
  • The majority (39%) of stock photos come from places like Unsplash or other free sources.
  • 41% of SMBs spend up to $500 per month to promote their videos.
  • 30% of respondents post one video per week with 26% who post one time per month.



We now know the status of video, let’s look at a few tips to help you bring your video marketing strategy to the fore.

1. Develop a Programming Strategy

One tip from Google is to “create a regular release schedule for your videos when uploading to encourage viewers to watch sets of videos over single videos. You can even schedule a video to publish time.”

One small business sentiment on the rise is an extreme focus on online marketing.

“Last year, one of the social media trends that mattered the most was video, video, video! This year, the biggest trend that small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) should focus on for greater success is the emergence of YouTube as the leading social video platform,” said YouTube marketing expert and best selling author Greg Jarboe.

According to the Promo study, 77% of marketers surveyed strongly agree with this saying, ‘videos are an important part of my online marketing.’

“Our video content is the top producing content across all of our marketing. We invested in platforms like to help our content team to cut down on production time and not lose creative quality,” said Abbey Gilhula, Vice President of Marketing for LMN, a B2B business management software company.



2. Play Nice & Do No Harm

When using video during uncertain times of crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic, Jarboe suggests the following tips for positive public relations.

  • Create helpful videos such as “how-to” videos. Chefs from around the world took their free time and started making helpful cooking videos to stay in front of their audience.
  • Review what you scheduled and even look back at past content. Video ads of luxury cruises, student abroad programs, or promoting your next speaking event are probably a big ‘No, No.’ Pause now.
  • Don’t be a ghost. Don’t go dark. Now is the time to stay in from of your audience whether it’s Zoom calls, Facebook Live, special offerings or just being nice.
  • Share behind the scenes across your #WFH work-from-home team. If the Today show can go live from their kitchens, basements and family rooms, so can you!

3. Keep Viewers Watching With Video Marketing Techniques

Watch time, the amount of time that a viewer has watched a video, is the most important factor of the YouTube algorithm.

So, create great content that is unique, compelling, and entertaining or informative.

But, try to make videos that are longer than four minutes and thirty seconds, but shorter than 16 minutes.

According to Alexa, an company, is the #2 site in the United States, behind only

By comparison, is #3 and ranks #4.

You can’t be in marketing without realizing the importance of video, yet it still overwhelms them.

With 64% of respondents saying that video is their number one most effective resource followed only by 24% effectiveness for photos.

This could contribute to the continued upward trajectory and trend of video marketing.

4. Under the Influence of Video: Google

After Gillette launched their recent A best a man can be video ad, within 90 days, the term Gillette spiked on Google Trends and was the highest since 2004.

Impactful video can directly impact a brand’s search results and we can expect to see more of it.

5. Be an Effective Editor

“Create a compelling opening to your videos and then use programming, branding, and packaging techniques to maintain and build interest throughout the video,” said Jarboe.



Study findings show SMBs know video is important and understand there’s a direct correlation between search and video, thus all plan to dedicate additional resources in 2020.

6. Make Brand Videos That Moves the Needle

Let’s look at some expert guidelines in making a brand video that moves the needle and converts.

Matt Johnston, the CEO and Founder of Guide Social, runs a video marketing agency and offers up these seven tips before you press play on video production.

  • It’s not about you. It’s about your audience.
  • It can’t be selfish. It needs to be selfless.
  • It must have value for people who watch it.
  • Empathy will win.
  • Know your “North Star” – who you can help, why you can help, how you can help.
  • Aim for a connection between the humans in your brand and the humans in your potential audience/customer base.
  • Find the vulnerability in yourself and step forward with the courage to share it with the world.

Pro Tip: Use Canva to create Zoom backgrounds for the mood of the day. Serious by day and happy hour by night.

zoom background

Will you press play for video in 2020?



The key is in the process of making it happen and not in the strive for perfection.

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