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We developed some useful updates to our tools last month to help you get more from your SEMrush subscription. 

Those working with social media advertising now have a more intuitive and convenient way to manage Facebook and Instagram campaigns, whilst those looking for greater depth to their backlink analysis can get it thanks to updates to our Link Building tools. 

Let’s take a look at the updates here:

Social Media Ads: Manage Ads on Facebook and Instagram

Our Social Media Ads tool is a straightforward way to manage your Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Facebook Audience Network ads in one place. You can create ad campaigns and ad sets for Facebook and Instagram, whilst monitoring their performance across the board. 

Managing Ads on Facebook and Instagram in SEMrush Social Media Ads

What do you get with SEMrush Social Media Ads?

1. An intuitive and straightforward interface 

The Social Media Ads feature lets you fill in only the most important fields that will affect how users see your ads and how much you spend on advertising. Even if you are a first-time user, you can effortlessly launch and monitor advertising campaigns with Social Media Ads, so you don’t need to be a professional to master it.

Also, when adding a URL to your ad, you don’t need to manually configure the UTM tags (although you can). You can simply set an automatic UTM that will be created based on your campaign settings.

2. Customization and export options

Both ad campaigns and ad sets tables are highly customizable. By selecting the key metrics from a wide list, placing them in your chosen order, and sorting by any metric, you can completely tailor your view of all your ad campaigns. In addition, anything you export will be represented in the same format as the table you see in the Social Media Ads tool.

Customization and export options in Social Media Ads

3. Convenient notifications 

The most helpful thing about Social Media Ads is that it will highlight your low-performing and rejected ads in the interface, which will allow you to immediately identify, edit, and optimize them as necessary. This automation eliminates the need to manually check each of your campaigns so you can focus on other tasks.

Notifications in Social Media Ads

The tool will notify you, for example, when:

  • Your ad hasn’t had any results for the past three days;
  • Fewer than 1,000 people saw the ad the previous day;
  • Cost per result increased over the past seven days; 
  • People see the same ad too often. 

Find out more about the 5 signs of Facebook ads issues and how to fix them so you can maximize the impact of your campaigns with our Social Media Ads tool.

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Backlink Gap: Competitors’ Backlink Target and Source Pages

The Backlink Gap tool is a practical way to find backlink opportunities and see where your competitors might be outperforming you. We have now made the data provided even more detailed, so you can identify specific URLs as well as top-level domains as link building prospects. 

Competitors' Backlink Target and Source Pages in SEMrush Backlink Gap

What does this Backlink Gap update mean for you?

This update means that keeping track of competitors’ strategies is more convenient and detailed than ever.

You can now filter the results by selecting your domain to reveal the backlinks your rivals have, but you do not. You can also narrow your search to the most promising pages using the new filters: New, Lost, and Follow.

The Follow filter shows backlinks that pass value to the target URL to improve its rankings. Consider applying the Lost and Follow filters simultaneously to identify sources that are more likely to use a “follow” backlink to your site in place of the removed one.

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Backlink Analytics: Target URL Error Filter on Indexed Pages Report

The Indexed Pages Report in Backlink Analytics shows the pages on your competitor’s website that attracted the most backlinks, revealing their most effective pieces of content in link building terms. 

What happens if the competitor’s page is broken, though? It might present a backlink opportunity for you, which is why we have implemented the new Target URL error filter in the report. 

Target URL Error Filter on Indexed Pages Report in Backlink Analytics

How does the improved Indexed Pages Report help you? 

This new filter allows you to easily find pages that are not fulfilling what the backlink promises, so you can pinpoint opportunities to better serve your customers with relevant, accessible information.

For example, you might find specific URLs that are not working or not delivering what a customer might expect to see after clicking a link to get there. This can reveal chances for you to ask for new backlinks to content that either already exists on your site, or that you can create and optimize from scratch with a specific link in mind. Simply click on the number of backlinks in the report to identify your target domains or URLs.

You can also use the Target URL Error filter to discover errors on your own pages. Once you have identified the broken links, you can fix them or redirect them to other pages to reduce the risk of losing customers who are actively looking for your product, service, or content.

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Let us know in the comments below how these updates will change your workflow, and which other tools or services you would like to see in SEMrush. 

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