Exploding Fashion Trends 2020

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There is no doubt that since 2020 kicked off, we have been on one crazy rollercoaster ride that we are yet to get off. So much has changed, yet some things remain the same, like people’s passion for clothes! 

That’s right — maybe now more than ever, even during lockdown, people are searching online for their favorite fashion items. In fact, online shopping has become one of the most popular isolation activities. 

SEMrush has collected brand new research based on online Google searches in 2020 and compared this with the data from 2019 to explore the fashion trends of the top looks in lockdown and how they differ from the previous year. We also examined which brands are most searched when people are looking for original and fake items and revealed the top lists according to the total number of searches in April 2020.

Here are the top trends that have seen explosive growth since the beginning of 2020, and they are probably not what you would expect! 


Rumor has it there will be the return of the mighty mini, and according to SEMrush stats, we can confirm this trend is in full swing right now! It is clear that across the globe, people may be stuck indoors, but they are still keen to put their legs on show with miniskirts being the fastest-growing in searches fashion item. 

Most popular shoes

With more than 53,000 monthly online searches, miniskirts saw an increase of 155% in the beginning of 2020. Who doesn’t love a short skirt? From glam to glitz and denim to leather, as long as the hemline is above the knee, it is a yes from me! 

Despite being introduced during the renaissance, we have seen an epic comeback of the puff sleeves. Departing the Edwardian stage and now entering the isolation stage, it is clearly more than just a runway trend that has seen an increase of 138% this year.

The battle of the beaches in 2020 has seen quite the splash with swimwear styles soaring. From animal prints to disco style and minimalistic looks to lurex — everyone seems to be in favor of a metallic finish as online searches for gold bikini saw an increase of 109%.

Perhaps this has something to do with Princess Leia’s iconic metal bikini making a comeback right in time for May the fourth!

It seems like people in the US are tired of wearing classic ball gowns for special occasions and instead crave something a little more vibrant. US online searches for Red suits skyrocketed 56% from spring 2019 to spring 2020 thanks to celeb looks from the likes of Lady Gaga and Gal Gadot to Victoria Beckham and Olivia Palermo. Raw, red and daring, a look that perfectly combines colors and a classic silhouette. However, search spikes also identify that thirst for color in the US isn’t always the case. Online searches for black jeans, white t-shirt, and black leather skirt all became 40% more popular in 2020.


Polka dots, plaid, diamonds, and animal prints — these all are 2020 trends for stockings and tights, which received more interest from shoppers than they did last year. This year hosiery has been googled 80% more. It has not just what is seen underneath either; another 90s comeback that has seen a major increase in popularity, seeing a rise of 39% from spring 2019 are chokers. They have evolved into statement pieces, with various layers, rocks, stones, metal, and leather to jazz it up. 

Most popular clothing accessories in 2020

And to complete the list of trends, here is the handkerchief, a multifunctional accessory made famous by nineties and noughties pop stars who wore it as bandanas, tops, and headbands. This season, handkerchiefs continue to rock the trend after a 42% growth in searches.

The Bow tie is a renowned way to add a playful accent to an established and neat look. Men’s magazines are promising a rise for classic black and plaid bow ties; sounds legit, bow ties have already seen 23% growth in search in 2020 in the US. 

Other classic items that are googled more by Americans in 2020 are gloves up by 114% growth, belts up by 39% growth, and beanies up by 37% in searches. The numbers for “gloves” may have been impacted by the pandemic.


Silver seems to be on the rise this year. Silver anklet and silver chain saw a huge growth (108% and 82% respectively) in the global arena and 94% in the US. 

Most popular jewelry items

Popular bridal accessories, tiaras are googled 39% more. The search for nose rings has increased by 39% in the world and by 30% in the US. Gold chains are also more popular this year in America — the trend saw a 35% growth.


The healthy lifestyle trend is observed everywhere, and people seem to be really enjoying it.

Running shoes are at the top of the leaderboard according to growth in searches, with a 39% increase in popularity in 2020 and 450,000 monthly average searches globally. 

Most Popular shoes in 2020

Despite the lockdown, people were still looking for running shoes through March – perhaps for indoor or garden workouts. Americans were googling for sneakers 47% more often too. 

Right after shoes made for sports are shoes made for shining — stiletto heels saw 38% growth in the world and 30% growth in the US in January-March. Despite the general trend switching towards ‘comfy’, fashionistas promise 2020 will have space for stilettos too. 

Another common trend is slippers that people were googling 25% more globally and 20% more in the US – the fact probably connected to people staying at home now and preferring loungewear.

Most Popular ‘Fake and Original’ Brand Searches

With many clothes items being counterfeited, we decided to examine which brands are most searched when people are looking for original and fake items and revealed the top lists according to the total number of searches in April 2020.

Balenciaga turned out to be the leading brand globally when it comes to search queries that contain the word “fake”, outrunning the long-standing until-then leader Supreme. Lululemon, Ray-Ban, and Vans are following.

Most popular fashion brands chart

On the opposite side, many strive to own only original brands. The most popular brands that are googled with the word ‘original’ were Vans, Adidas, Converse, Ray-Ban, and Nike.

For all the brands that made it to this list, it should be considered a signal that people appreciate the authenticity of their clothing and apparel items and take to Google to explore these items before buying them in brick and mortar shops or online.

And that is all for Google 2020 fashion so far! We hope you enjoyed the study (and have already ordered your own favorite item online). We will keep you updated on the next seasons’ fashion trends in search as well. Stay safe!

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