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Google is updating the Search Console Performance Report with data related to the performance of recipe rich results.

Those who are using recipe markup on their website will find the new set of data under the ‘Search Appearance’ tab in the Performance Report section.

With this data, site owners can better understand the impact of recipe rich results with metrics such as total clicks, impressions, average click-through rate, and average position.

These metrics can be further segmented by device, geography and queries.

All of this data can be used together to optimize recipe pages for greater performance in search results.

For example, a site owner may discover one of their best recipe pages isn’t actually getting served as a rich result very often.

Perhaps the markup is 100% valid but Google isn’t rendering a rich result for the page on a consistent basis.

This can be determined by comparing clicks on rich results against overall traffic numbers. The page could be generating a healthy amount of traffic, but not frequently being served as a rich result.

Remember, just because a page is eligible to be served as a rich result doesn’t mean it always will be.

Should a site owner discover some of their best pages aren’t being served as rich results, they can at least use that information to make adjustments if they want to.

Previously, this data wasn’t as accessible. Site owners could monitor traffic for recipe pages in Google Analytics, but they still didn’t have data related specifically to rich results performance.

Now, site owners utilizing recipe structured data have an efficient way of checking how often the pages are being displayed as rich results, how often they’re getting clicked on, and more.



This update is available in Search Console now for all sites using recipe structured data.

Google Search Console Adds New Data for Recipe Structured Data

More About Recipe Structured Data

Recipe structured data can be used to communicate specific information to Google about preparation time, cooking time, nutrition information, reviewer ratings, and so on.

Google uses this information to better understand the recipe and present it to users in the form of a rich result. Recipe rich results can appear in Google search results and Google Images.

Structured data is not a ranking factor in and of itself. However, rich results generated from structured data could make the difference between searchers clicking on one page over another.

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