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30-second summary:

  • Research reveals that more than two-thirds of the world’s Instagram accounts follow at least one active company or business venture.
  • This makes it essential for digital marketers to establish their brands’ online presence and successfully source more leads.
  • Bhavik Soni shares the top 10 media tactics to generate more leads on Instagram which can help accelerate your sales in no time.

In recent years, Instagram has quickly become a platform that creates and garners social media leads. Research reveals that more than two-thirds of the world’s Instagram accounts follow at least one active company or business venture. Thus, managers involved in promotional content would find it beneficial to use Instagram’s effect on online marketing leads.

Powerful tips to get more Leads on Instagram

You cannot miss out on the great marketing opportunities that Instagram presents. Instead, try following these 10 media tactics to generate the maximum number of leads on Instagram. In turn, they will accelerate your sales in no time.

1. Engaging lead advertisements 

The most convenient way to market your business content on Instagram is to circulate lead advertisements. The reason? Using such ads enables you as a business manager to gather buyer information like email address, date of birth, place of residence, employment status.

With such integral information, you can discover your customers’ mindsets and preferences when it comes to purchasing your products. Moreover, you can store such data as well as use it to improve your direct marketing campaigns. Also, you can curate your promotional content accordingly. From real estate companies to environmental organizations, lead advertisements have been used to propel customer outreach and influence buyer tendencies.

How to get more leads on Intsgaram advertising


All you need is a business account on Instagram. However, to do so, first, you need to create a Facebook page. Thereafter, make sure your creative department must abide by the specifications mandated for Instagram advertisements.

To expedite the process, you can add pre-filled sections to the forms you offer, for completion rate improvement. Indeed, business on Instagram can use pre-filled forms based on personal information gathered from buyers’ accounts.

Alternatively, you can opt for conversion advertisements to increase app downloads, visits to websites, or sales-oriented promotional leads.

2. Action buttons

You can include action buttons for your Instagram business account. For instance, you can put up links showing your contact details (email address, contact number, office address) on your Instagram profile. This will make it easier for customers around the globe to contact you at any point in time.

How to get more leads on Instagram - Add action button


In addition to this, action buttons like Reserve, Book, Get Tickets/Subscriptions will direct your customers to forms offered by Instagram. These include OpenTable, Eventbrite, and Resy.

3. Link optimization 

As a business account, your Instagram bio should fully utilize the space allotted to various official links. Take complete advantage of this space by including subscriptions, products up for sale, or informed surveys. Based on your goals, the choices are yours.

Keep in mind these points when you optimize the links to your Instagram bio

How to get more leads on Instagram - Link optimization


  • Short links are always more convenient
  • Brand links are a must to broaden your outreach
  • Repetitively use “link in bio” on Instagram posts, which will redirect your customers to relevant promotional content
  • Ensure that your link can be tracked (by using UTM parameters, for instance)
  • You must include a call-to-action (CTA) above each of your bio links

Make your Instagram bio actionable and more enticing. Your customers will gradually get hooked to the products you offer and the buyer-relation suggestions you provide.

4. Landing page design

How to get more leads on Instagram - Landing page design


After an interested customer clicks on any of your links, they will get directed to a landing page. For your customer’s benefit, make sure of the following:

  • Your page can be scanned
  • It provides an engrossing visual experience
  • It includes content that is relevant with respect to buyer expectations

The curiosity aroused by your CTA should be supported by an excellent landing page. Certain brands choose to include landing pages even in their feeds, while others choose to provide links to particular pages on their web platforms.

5. Insta Stories: Swipe-up feature

On top of your bio and landing page, Instagram lets you put forth links in every Instagram story you post. People whose accounts have a large number of followers (such as influencers) find that embedding important links to these stories is highly beneficial.

Data shows that 30% of the most viewed Instagram stories are those offered by businesses. All that your customer needs to do is swipe and reach your landing page. Due to the ease of embedding links and the ability to put as many stories as you want, Instagram stories are considered to be more effective than bio links.

How to add a link to your latest Instagram story? Either swipe right or click the “+” icon on the top left corner of your account. Then, upload the content you wish to put up. Finally, click on the chain icon to embed the link of your choice.

In case your latest story has plenty of viewers and has stayed online for a considerable period, you can add it to your “Highlights” section. As a result, people who might have missed out on your important story can view it at any time they want.

6. Goal-oriented creative team

Experts say that an inspired CTA is the best tool to generate leads on Instagram. Your creative department must check whether catchphrases such as “link in bio”, “swipe up”, or “order now” are linked to their respective contents in a seamless manner.

Additionally, your CTA and visual content must go hand-in-hand with regard to a specific milestone that you will have set. This way, you can keep your audience constantly interested, such that they check your posts on a daily basis. For this purpose, you can use any and every tool that Instagram offers.

Your creative team must make ample space, wherein you can include your CTAs, instead of crowding in a single space.

7. Shopping content 101

Shopping does not necessarily include corresponding growth in sales. Despite this fact, even if a customer clicks on a product she/he does not purchase, it is still considered as a potential lead (more precisely, an interested customer). It is no news that Instagram Shopping has garnered abundant interest. More than 100 million followers click on various product tags every passing month.

As an efficient company marketer, make sure that you have thoroughly analyzed the above data. Subsequently, you can gauge audience mentality and product interest. Further, you can offer curated ads to your target customers. This will make them feel special at an individual level, which will eventually lead to a strengthened emotional bond with your brand.

How to get more leads on Instagram - Shoppable content


To start, what you need is a Facebook catalog. After you connect your catalog with Instagram, consider signing up for Instagram Shopping. Finally, you can include product tags that provide product information on your stories and posts.

In this regard, you can keep track of product view rates and button clicks. If your posts are popular enough, they might even get included in the Explore feed, which boasts more than 200 million daily hits. You can even tap into the psyche of window shoppers by using shopping-related posts as advertisements.

8. Influencer relationships

How to get more leads on Instagram - Influencer marketing


These are the heydays of Instagram influencers. Many industries like fashion, music, and food have started building partnerships with such Instagram influencers to grow audiences and maximize their lead generation. However, as influencers are human resources, there are some rules you should follow while creating partnerships with them.

The first and most important rule is to recruit an influencer who has a consolidated brand affinity, in addition to the overlap of partial followers. This way, you can reach new followers and prospective social media leads.

Second, influencers must have the trust of their die-hard fans. If your influencer isn’t credible enough, your audience might not get swept off their feet. A reputed and trustworthy influencer is integral to the success of a new and upcoming business venture.

9. Instagram contests

You can organize various exciting contests, sale sessions with new offers and discounts, or promotional material. For example, ask your customers to undertake a survey or post comments to win a special prize. You can also ask them to tag their friends.

Alternatively, you can utilize the influencer you employ with respect to generating more leads (via any given contest). Otherwise, you can also hold sales and promotional programs to arouse interest as well as urgency in your customers.

10. More footage of popular products

As Instagram itself mentions on its official blog, a tap on a product may not always lead to its sale. Thus, the platform offers a solution: make sure you verify which products boast the best performance in your Insights tab.

Once you have done this, increase the frequency of your posts related to the top five or six most popular/high-performing products. As a result, your customers will be constantly reminded of the products they pine for.

How to get more leads on Instagram - Marketing popular products


In turn, you will exponentially develop consumer confidence and create more purchase opportunities. Such data will also help you identify your loyal customers and retain them. In addition, you can target new buyers who might have glanced at your business and the products or services you offer.

To take an example

Certain brands are found to have posted about a popular product more than 15 times in just a few weeks. For additional support, they even create captivating story highlights for these reputed and well-received products. On deeper analysis, professionals have noted that the creative teams of these businesses are not only skilled but also street smart when it comes to marketing. They never use the same post more than once.

Companies that can afford to invest considerably in social media marketing go one step further. Along with the repeated display of a product and its promotional content, they merge its sleek photographs with endorsements by popular Instagram influencers. On top of that, they use technology to their utmost advantage.


Interactive storytelling can be considered one such use of the recent technological advances in the virtual marketing industry. Some renowned brands use it to boost their content reach and appreciation. This not only accelerates product sales but also consolidates the elite reputation of these brands.

In conclusion, it is clear that your business can broaden its scope regarding outreach, customer retention, and sales by first creating an Instagram business account. Thereafter, you need to post meticulously, regularly, and on specific pre-decided intervals.

You will quickly realize that apart from being a photo-sharing application, Instagram can boost your business by getting you more social media leads every passing day, if not every other hour.

Bhavik Soni is a Creative Writer at Auto Monkey where he provides an original analysis of the latest happenings in the social media industry.

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