How Not to Work with PPC Managers

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PPC managers are the spreadsheet-conquering wizards who are able to bring businesses leads, sales, and traffic from paid ads for the best budget.

That’s why it’s important to build a successful relationship with your PPC managers. The better your relationship, the better your results.

To help you create that winning relationship, we’ve got some top tips for you to follow.

1. Don’t Keep Them in the Dark About Your Business

PPC managers are responsible for creating and getting the best from your PPC campaigns.

This isn’t just about having the technical knowledge and experience to know when to adjust a budget or change a setting.

A big part of their job is creativity.

It’s the creative ability to be able to:

  • Create ads that your audience will be interested in.
  • Find an angle that will make your business stand out.
  • Encourage clicks.
  • Get you more leads.

Let’s say that your business sells furniture, including a range of key hooks.



In a recent update, your business actually offered free customizable upgrades to these key hooks, letting customers update the text, size, and amount of hooks on offer.

To top it off, this is something that your competitors aren’t able to offer.

This is gold dust to your PPC managers, letting them create unique ads that showcase this feature.

But to do that, they need to understand your business.

If you’ve got exciting new things planned, they need to know about it.

If you keep them out of these discussions, you’re not giving them anything to work with and can potentially damage your results.

So, keep your PPC managers involved and informed.

Don’t CC them into every single email though, there are some details that they really don’t need to know.

2. Don’t Shut Them Into a Google Box

PPC advertising means pay-per-click advertising.

It doesn’t just mean Google Ads, which most businesses tend to think is the only advertising platform out there.



Google is the most used search engine in the world and can get your business seen in front of thousands of potential customers. But it’s not the only platform that can deliver results.

Other platforms like Microsoft Advertising gives you a different audience to promote your business to.

And with fewer people using the platform, its CPC (cost per click) is often lower than Google Ads because you’re competing with fewer people for the top spot.

PPC is about being able to catch your customers at the right moment.

Although Google has a wide net, there are parts of the ocean untapped by Google alone.

Using other ad networks like Microsoft, Facebook, Capterra, Reddit, Twitter and more is a way to widen your reach.

In addition, using alternative advertising platforms like Microsoft can also help narrow down your targeting, giving your PPC managers more potential to increase your results.

So, take off the Google Ads shackles and let them build a strategy for better results using any and all platforms that they need.

3. Don’t Be a Needy Client

OK, it’s time for some real news.

Everyone thinks they’re the most important client in the world and there’s nothing more urgent than to know what is happening with your PPC campaigns.

And hey, we get it.

It’s your business and your money on the line.

You need to know what’s going on, so there’s no harm in chasing up with a quick email or phone call every now and again.

Or if there’s spend you can’t identify on your account, you’ll want to know what is going on ASAP to check everything is running as it should.

The problem is that if PPC managers are constantly responding to your emails and calls it means they’re spending less time on your accounts.

Updates are good! But… let them do some work first so they actually have some information to give you.

Pretend it’s like a new relationship where you don’t want to text back straight away.



Play it cool.

4. Don’t Expect 100% Success Every Time

In marketing, success is never guaranteed.

PPC managers may be able to perform absolute wonders for your account, but there’s always a chance it might not work.

PPC is an investment.

You take some money, put it on a keyword, and hope that it comes through and brings back more money than you started with.

But you get no guarantees in life – or in PPC – no matter how “dead certain” it seems.

So, trust your PPC managers to do the best job for you and don’t expect miracles every single time.

5. Don’t Expect Them to Be Okay During the Pandemic

A PPC manager is one of the lucky roles where all you need is an internet connection and a laptop to do your job.

So, while over 70% of UK firms were facing furlough, PPC managers could carry on working at home like normal.

Now, although PPC managers may seem part spreadsheet, they are very much human and might be missing interaction with others.



According to our own research at Adzooma, 63.6% of people miss working in an office.

When asked why, 43.1% of people listed socializing as the main reason.

As helpful as video meetings are, they can’t replace the real thing.

On a serious note, you might want to check up on them and make sure they’re doing OK.

Now’s the time to build good relationships, not fracture them.

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