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Google is updating Search Console with support for image license structured data, which can now be tested with the Rich Results tool.

Image licensing structured data is officially supported by Google as of February. It’s used to indicate whether a particular image is licensable.

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Site owners can mark up licensable images with the required metadata using either structured data or IPTC photo metadata.

The markup appears in image search results when a thumbnail is clicked on. See an example below:

Google Updates Search Console With More Structured Data Support

This data can be found in the Enhancements report section in Search Console.

Now, site owners using this structured data will know exactly how often their image licensing information is served to searchers.

Like other types of structured data reported on in Search Console, site owners will be able to see:

  • Total number of impressions
  • Total number of clicks
  • Whether the markup was implemented correctly or not

This update is now live in Search Console for site owners utilizing image license structured data.

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