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Google Maps is giving users their own profiles that other users can follow which compiles all their submitted photos, videos, and reviews.

Google Maps Goes Social Giving Each User Their Own Profile

Google is turning Maps into a social network of sorts by giving each user their own profile filled with photos and reviews they’ve submitted.

This is an extension of a pilot feature rolled out last year that allowed users to follow select Local Guides and get their latest updates.

Following the success of the pilot launch, Google is expanding this functionality worldwide to all users.

“Today we’re expanding this feature and beginning to roll it out globally. If a Google Maps user has shared photos, reviews or lists publicly, you can now follow them and get their recommendations, advice and updates delivered to your Updates tab in Google Maps.

So the next time you find someone sharing helpful photos of takeout menus, handy lists of your city’s most spacious parks or inspiring photos of local shops and services, you can keep up-to-date on all of their recommendations.”

Google Maps profiles will contain topic filters where you can see the places and businesses users share about most often.

Users can also write a short tagline that appears underneath their profile photo in very Instagram-esque fashion.

Here’s an example of what a Google Map profile looks like:

Google Maps Goes Social Giving Each User Their Own Profile

Managing Your Google Maps Profile

Any Google user who has publicly shared photos, reviews, or lists will have the ability to manage their own Google Maps profile.

First of all – no one is forced to have a public profile. Everyone has the option to show or not show the things they’ve shared in Google Maps.

Users will also have the option to restrict their profile, which means new followers will have to be approved before they can view content.

Or users can choose to keep their profile completely open for everyone to follow. These settings can all be adjusted from the profile page.


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Google Maps Goes Social Giving Each User Their Own Profile

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