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LinkedIn is adding new features to company pages to address challenges created by the pandemic and resulting shift toward remote working.

People everywhere are feeling less connected to each other, according to a study cited by LinkedIn.

A recent Glint survey indicates:

  • 31% of employees report experiencing less connection to leaders.
  • 37% of employees report feeling less connected to teammates.
  • 40% of employees say they’re less connected to their own friends.

“With a growing number of organizations announcing that their employees are required to work remotely until 2021, it’s more important than ever for organizations to take action and ensure their teams will thrive in a virtual work environment.”

New features being added to LinkedIn pages aim to strengthen the connection between businesses and their communities.

The updates are designed to help page admins connect their employees, highlight upcoming events, and gain new insight about their followers.

Here’s more about each of the three new features.

See All Your Followers

A new “view page followers” feature allows companies to see the individual people who are following their page.

LinkedIn Adds 3 New Features to Company Pages

The ability to see all the people who follow your LinkedIn page has been strangely absent up until now.


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Previously, page admins could only see their aggregate number of followers and general demographics of those followers.

There were also no insights available to better understand who is following a page, other than basic demographic information.

Now, pages have access to all publicly available information about their followers.

Pages will even be able to sort their list of followers by current company, industry, and location.

“This provides the transparency needed to better understand audiences, so organizations can more easily share the right content and build their LinkedIn community around the conversations that matter most.”

“My Company” Tab

A new “My Company” tab is a space designated for employees where everyone can engage with each other, celebrate accomplishments, and otherwise stay connected while working remotely.

LinkedIn Adds 3 New Features to Company Pages

The “My Company” tab includes new features like:


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  • Highlighting employee milestones (promotions, anniversaries, new hires, etc.)
  • Trending content from coworkers.
  • Recommendations to connect with people you may know at your company.

Additional features will be added to the “My Company” tab at a later date.

This feature will only be available to pages with more than 201 employees, which is determined by the “company size” attribute.

“Events” Tab

Virtual events are the way of the future for at least as long as the pandemic continues.

However, it hasn’t been as easy to discover virtual events as it was to discover in-person events.

To address that challenge, a new “Events” tab will automatically pull in a view of your page’s past, present and upcoming events on LinkedIn.


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A virtual event doesn’t have to be an entire conference either. An event can also be an individual panel or webinar.

The new tab appears on the left-hand navigation menu of LinkedIn pages, making it easy for people to discover all the events your company is involved with.

LinkedIn Adds 3 New Features to Company Pages

The “My Company” tab, “Events” tab and “View Page followers” feature are available worldwide for all pages.


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Source: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog

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