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Search Engine Optimization Strategies. This is a updated SEO 2020 book for on page and off page optimization. It also covers YouTube SEO and WordPress SEO.

Inside You Will Discover:
Chapter 1 – Optimizing Your Website For Higher Rankings In The Search Engines
1.1 The Tile Of Your Webpage Remains The Most Important Ranking Factor
1.21 – Type In Your Keyword In Google Trends
1.3 – Go To Google Adwords to research Keyword Search Volume and Popularity
1.4 – You can download a free chrome extension called moz bar and check the competition level of the keywords in google search
Step 1.5 – To do a deeper analysis on the links, you can go to this website
1.6 Related Keywords For Your Content In Your Blog Post Or YouTube Video
Chapter 2 – Create Content To Rank In Google Search Engine
2.1 Using WordPress As A Blog Makes Your Site Rank Better
2.2 YouTube Videos Rank Well In Google Search
2.3 – Create Your Video or Download Creative Commons Video
Chapter 3 – YouTube Search Engine Optimization and WordPress Blog Search Engine Optimization
3.1 Include Your Keyword and Secondary Keyword In Your Titles
3.11 YouTube Title and Description
3.12 WordPress Blog Title and Description
3.2 – Optimization for YouTube Video 1. Add Keyword Tags
3.3 – YouTube Optimization For YouTube 2. Add Your Video To A Playlist. Add End Screens and Cards To Your Videos
3.4 Lastly remember to add the keyword in the subtitles of the video
3.5 – Run The YouTube Channel Link and YouTube Video in Money Robot
3.6 Optimizations you can do for your wordpress blog
3.61 For WordPress, you need to add a sitemap to your wordpress blog
3.62 You also need a google webmasters account for your wordpress blog
3.63 After adding property, you need to verify that the website belongs to you
3.64 After you have finished verifying, go to your sitemaps and start submitting your sitemap to google webmaster account
3.65 – You also get access to statistics for your website that you can use for reference
3.66 – You can check the crawl statistics and also the mobile usability of your website
3.67 – You need to add a plugin called “AMP” for your wordpress website so that the urls can be mobile friendly
Step 3.7 – Go to Money Robot and Click New Campaign for Your WordPress Blog