Google Announces Automated Performance Max Campaigns & This Week’s Digital Marketing News [PODCAST]

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Jess Budde, Greg Finn, and Christine “Shep” Zirnheld cover new machine-learning powered features from Google Ads, how to make your emails “beta” with fun fonts, and fall decor that lives up (or down) to its name.

If you’re unable to catch the episode on Spotify, be sure to watch the video version on the Search Engine Journal YouTube channel.

Here’s the digital marketing news you may have missed this week:

Google Ads Announces New Campaign Type & Insights Page

Google closed out Advertising week with an announcement of new features.

Insights Page

The new insights page will utilize machine learning to alert advertisers of emerging and forecasted search trends and audience insights.

Alongside the new insights, advertisers will be able to see and implement corresponding automated campaign recommendations directly from the insights page.

Max Performance Campaigns

The new automated campaign type will allow advertisers to create a single campaign that can run across all Google properties including Search, Display, Discover, and YouTube.

All ad formats will be responsive and, instead of keywords, search campaigns will run via Dynamic Search ads.

Advanced Format Options for Google Responsive Display Ads

The new format options allow advertisers to opt-in to asset enhancements, auto-generated videos, and native formats to make ads feel more consistent with the site they display on.


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These features allow Google to utilize smart cropping, add text overlays, and drop ad descriptions from ads.

Facebook Delays Attribution Window Change

Just last week, Facebook announced that they would no longer allow advertisers to utilize the default 28-day attribution window after October 12, 2020.

This week, Facebook Ads representatives told advertisers that they would not be proceeding with this attribution change until after Q4 2020.

In our take of the week segment, Google Ads made PPC Greg an offer and he had to refuse it.

Then, ICYMI, Kammy Caruss reminds us that Google isn’t just hiding bad keyword matches from search query reports.


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We’ll answer your burning digital marketing questions during our lightning round segment:

  • Who is eligible for the new Showcase News feature from Google News?
  • What are the new Microsft Advertising keyboard shortcuts?
  • When Facebook plans on rolling out the new Group features they announced this week.
  • Where can you find actual user location data in Google Ads now that they removed it from the user location report?
  • Why you should tread lightly with language targeting in LinkedIn Ads.
  • How our hosts feel about the Bing rebrand.

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