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Catch this special episode of Marketing O’Clock as we discuss actionable insights and strategies to help you lower your cost-per-lead on LinkedIn Ads.

LinkedIn Ads Strategies, Myths & Advertising Opportunities [PODCAST]

Tune in to a special “Marketing O’Talk” edition of Marketing O’Clock on Tuesday, October 13 at 11 a.m. ET to learn actionable strategies you can use to improve performance in your LinkedIn Ads campaigns.

Christine “Shep” Zirnheld is joined by three LinkedIn Ads experts for the most valuable 55 minutes any LinkedIn Ads advertiser will watch.

  • AJ Wilcox: Founder of B2Linked and host of the LinkedIn Ads Show Podcast
  • Andrea Cruz: Digital Marketing Manager at KoMarketing
  • Mark Saltarelli: Digital Marketing Manager at Cypress North and cohost of Marketing O’Clock

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In this roundtable discussion, you’ll learn the ins and outs of LinkedIn Ads from the experts.

Debunking LinkedIn Myths 

  • Is LinkedIn too expensive for some advertisers?
  • Can you drive quality leads with LinkedIn lead generation forms?
  • Can you run effective retargeting on LinkedIn Ads?
  • Can B2C companies find success on the LinkedIn Ads platform?

Proven LinkedIn Ads Strategies

  • What are the best ad types to drive quality leads?
  • What bid strategies should you use to lower CPCs?
  • How to find your ideal audience with LinkedIn’s unmatched professional targeting.

LinkedIn vs. Google Ads

  • Can LinkedIn be as valuable as Google Ads?
  • How to shed your Google Ads mindset to find success on LinkedIn Ads.
  • Industries and businesses that thrive on the LinkedIn Ads platform.

What Lies Ahead for LinkedIn Ads

  • What new LinkedIn Ads features hold the most potential for advertisers?
  • New features our experts want to see added to the platform.
  • Advice for advertisers using the platform for the first time.

Join us for one hour and we’ll turn you into a LinkedIn Ads pro!

After premiering, the episode will also be available in the Marketing O’Clock podcast feed wherever you listen to podcasts.


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