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Search Marketing DesignA book designed for entrepreneurs, CEOs, sales managers, marketing directors.For those who are driving a business and can decree its success.Was it really necessary to write another book on web marketing?The question is legitimate, I have done it several times, I spent several months thinking about it.If I finally came to this answer – to this book – it was really to try to explain the current digital marketing in a simple and concise way. The entrepreneur of today lives a new and complex reality, difficult to understand, which leads him to problems, which often he is not able to resolve.The proliferation of the internet, the omnipresence of smartphones and digital devices have in fact changed the way we see the world. For sure, they have changed the way we buy and sell, they have changed the market and the concept of enterprise.Once, before the web was born, it was relatively easy to go to market: it was about making a good product or finding a good one to re-sell. The lucky businesses could spend a large amount of money on advertising, especially on TV and the sales feedback was (almost) assured. Today this system does not work anymore, things have changed.The new technologies have allowed unprecedented logistics, Amazon has become the main competitor of any company even the smallest street shop cannot think of not being in play.We are all in play, but what game do we talk about?There are a lot of opportunities, but where?There are a lot of tools and arrangements, but which ones?There are a lot of services and professionals, but whom do we trust?This book answers these questions in practice, suggesting a new strategic approach: Search Marketing Design. To act in a relevant "connected society".To be there in the right way and at the right time.Pietro Marilli CEO and founder of CDWEB in the last 15 years he has helped over 200 companies to position themselves effectively online.Preface by Alberto Mattiello Professor of Digital Marketing at Bocconi University and author of Mind the Change and Marketing Thinking