YouTube Launches Biweekly ‘Shorts Report’ For Creators

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YouTube is launching the Shorts Report, a biweekly resource for creators with information about product updates, video inspiration, and content creation tips.

YouTube Shorts refers to the 60-second vertical video format introduced last September which has drawn early comparisons to TikTok.

Shorts are displayed in a home page carousel where users can tap through similar to how they would view Stories in other apps.

The format remains in beta, though the launch of the Shorts Report suggests important updates may soon be on the way.

Why should YouTube creators care?

Shorts is a new and unproven video format, so it’s perfectly reasonable to question why it’s worth your time and attention as a YouTube creator.

The best answer I can give you is that views for Shorts are counted the same as views for regular videos. They do not get filtered out of a channel’s total view count.

That’s something we only learned last month. Previously it was not known how views for Shorts were counted.

Counting views for Shorts like regular videos can be beneficial for creators looking to get accepted into the YouTube Partner Program, which would allow them to run ads and earn revenue from videos.

One of the requirements for getting accepted into the YouTube Partner Program is achieving 4,000 valid public watch hours in the past 12 months. Creating Shorts videos is now another way for creators to reach that threshold.


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YouTube needs to offer more incentive for creators who are already in the Partner Program to invest their time into creating Shorts.

Currently it’s not even possible to run ads in Shorts, which is likely to deter those who are accustomed to getting paid for creating content.

That may be one of the product updates on the way in a future Shorts Report. There’s no mention of monetization in the inaugural report, but let’s take a look inside and see what YouTube is sharing with creators in the first edition.

YouTube Shorts Report: What’s Inside

YouTube begins its first-ever Shorts Report with a mandate:

“Our goal with the Shorts Report is simple; support YOU on your creation journey, regardless of your starting point. Whether you need the push to make your first video, inspiration for your next Short, or help figuring out how to use our creation tools, the Shorts Report has you covered.”


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This edition of the Shorts Report includes a spotlight on a recent content trend, a content creation tip, and a brief tutorial on how to use a Shorts tool.


YouTube highlights a recent content trend involving cake decorating.

YouTube Launches Biweekly ‘Shorts Report’ For Creators



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YouTube outlines a 3-step strategy for producing entertaining Shorts content:

YouTube Launches Biweekly ‘Shorts Report’ For Creators


YouTube teaches creators how to use the Speed tool:

YouTube Launches Biweekly ‘Shorts Report’ For Creators


Lastly, YouTube concludes the Shorts Report with a commonly asked question from the community.

YouTube Launches Biweekly ‘Shorts Report’ For Creators

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