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TikTok’s new trend report provides insight into the types of content likely to generate the most engagement in 2021.

Knowing which topics are resonating with TikTok users can help marketers stay ahead on the platform and connect with more consumers.

TikTok analyzed a year’s worth of performance data to identify which categories grew the most and which ones remained consistently popular throughout 2020.

“These categories will continue to shape the platform in 2021, but at the same time, we expect the TikTok community to come up with many more new trends and topics. They always do.”

The report begins with a big picture look at the top ten most popular content categories, and top ten growth categories.

TikTok Trend Report: Content Ideas For 2021

TikTok’s trend report branches off into a collection of regional reports where marketers can learn what audiences in their geographic area are interested in.

What follows is a deep dive into the North American report, which covers TikTok trends in the USA and Canada.

TikTok Trend Report For USA & Canada

TikTok’s trend report for North America identifies the four most consumed and fastest rising content categories out of dozens of existing categories:

  • Home & Garden (+156% growth)
  • Camping (+113% growth)
  • Video Game (+104% growth)
  • Cooking (+57% growth)

Home & Garden

With much of North America working remotely, the home is where people are spending most of their time. And TikTok is where they’re turning to for renovation inspiration.


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This past year has driven significant growth in engagement in TikTok’s home & garden category. These particular hashtags are generating the most engagement:

  • #homerenovation
  • #homedecor
  • #homeimprovement
  • #bedroomcheck
  • #makeover
  • #painter
  • #diyproject

When creating home & garden content, TikTok recommends capturing not only the finished product but taking audiences on the entire journey.


TikTok users in North America are longing to travel again, as evidenced by the growth of engagement in the camping category.

These particular camping-related hashtags are generating the most engagement

  • #outdoors
  • #tiktoktravel
  • #overlanding
  • #jeeplife
  • #campinghack
  • #offroading
  • #lifehacks
  • #survival


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Marketers can capitalize on users’ love for outdoor videography by helping them get involved themselves.

TikTok recommends creating content that empowers audiences to take that first step or inspires veterans to take their outdoor adventures even further.

Video Gaming

Gaming is wildly popular on TikTok.

That includes footage of video games, like users’ proudest achievements, as well as content about video games, such as users recreating gaming scenarios in real life.

These specific gaming-related hashtags are generating the most engagement on TikTok:

  • #fortnite
  • #gaming
  • #minecraft
  • #amongus
  • #callofduty
  • #gamer
  • #xbox
  • #twitch


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TikTok says the growth of gaming content presents a “massive” opportunity for brands across all verticals.

Admittedly it may take time and effort on the part of marketers to understand the gaming community, but this will be “paid back and more” with a loyal audience of fans.


TikTok is becoming a home to innovative amateur chefs helping others with easy-to-learn recipes.

More time at home over the past year means more time in the kitchen, and TikTok is where people are increasingly turning to for meal inspiration.

These specific cooking-related hashtags are generating the most engagement on TikTok:

  • #recipe
  • #tiktokfood
  • #foodies
  • #masterchef
  • #quickrecipes
  • #easyrecipes
  • #ramsayreacts
  • #learnontiktok


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Marketers can take advantage of the growth of cooking content by creating informative content around preparing meals and using different kitchen tools.

Source: TikTok For Business

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