Do you know that a fast site can place your site higher in search engines and directly increase profits? Five best ecommerce companies including Amazon, Esty, Alibaba, Asos,ebay stated that every 100ms of latency costs them nearly 2% in profit. Why you don’t make your site faster?

Cmsideas has released Magento Full Page Cache that helps your site run at its fastest.
Full Page Caches makes Magento super fast, reduces hardware requirements and costs, and makes your Web site more responsive to shop on. Don’t just take our word for it. We are that confident that Full Page Cache is the best solution on the market.

Product details:



– Time for cached pages for less than 0.2 seconds

– Full page cache for any page of your store (products, categories, CMS pages and even pages of the 3rd party modules).
– Automatic clearing related cache, when you changed products, categories, etc.

– Reduce server response time

– Admin can choose whether to cache dynamic blocks;
– Cache dynamic blocks such as recently viewed, random products and random reviews based on the visitor’s first view;

– Not cached dynamic blocks that require interactivity with the shopper(Compare, Cart, Wishlist,etc).

– Compresses Java Script;

– Clears cache when a product goes from Disabled to Enabled, or when the product status is changed to In Stock;

– Admin can check whether the page is loaded from cache;

– Support for mobile devices & tablets.

– Easily cache 3rd party extensions: layered navigation extensions, Ajax Cart extensions, one step checkout etc.

– Support multi-languages

– Partially clears cache when:

+ The product is edited/ deleted/disabled.

+ The product status changes to Out of Stock.

+ CMS content is edited or deleted.

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