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Jqcm is a very powerful script that lets you create tests quickly and easily, you just have to import a single JavaScript file and you can begin to create your tests and integrate them by simply using the tag
<jqcm />

Live Demo


You can view the documentation by following this link: Documentation

Main features

Several features of the JavaScript version are not added to the current release (1.2.1), you can continue to use the first version (1.1) or wait for the next updates.

  • Users informations (name, email, score, results) can be stored in a database
  • Secure and easy to use backend
  • High scores chart with multiple types
  • Display explanation after answering a question
  • A generator which allows you to manage your tests
  • Explanation for each question
  • The correct answers are not clear in the source code
  • Multiple tests on the same page
  • Unlimited subjects, questions and answers
  • Random questions and answers
  • The option of using a number of questions among those randomly available
  • Support HTML (images, video, audio …) in descriptions
  • Counter with a time per question
  • Customizable progress bar
  • A user form that sends the name and email to a server if the form is first displayed, otherwise, if the form is displayed last it will also send the score and explanations
  • Return to the previous question
  • Display answers at the bottom of questions or beside them
  • Availability of two options for calculating the score : default (correct +1, no answer or wrong answer +0) Advanced (correct +1, no response +0, wrong answer -1)
  • The score can be displayed by using the percentage or by using the number of correct questions on the total of questions
  • “Try again” option if the answer is wrong with a defined number of attempts
  • Simple integration of sharing buttons each with a different message
  • All texts are editable in the generator without changing the script code
  • You can use different animations for questions, the progress bar and the counter
  • Answers may have three different types: text, checkbox and radio
  • A question can have an unlimited number of possible answers
  • Each question may have a different value compared to other questions of the same test
  • You can set the number of answers that you want by line
  • If you want to start a video “youtube only” automatically before starting the counter you just have to activate the “auto start” option, then the video will start and pausing will be deactivated.
  • Other configuration options


  • Version 1.2.1
  • New documentation.
  • Installation wizard for the API.
  • Version 1.2
  • Separating the browser part and the server using a REST API.
  • Version 1.1
  • Adding a backend to manage tests informations.

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