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Pinterest is a visual discovery platform. It went live for the first time in March 2010.

By January 2012, Pinterest had hit 10 million unique monthly visitors. At the time, it was the fastest website ever to reach this milestone.

Pinterest became a unicorn months later, receiving a valuation of $1.5 billion at its May 2012 Series C round.

The user base continued to grow, and the company went public in April 2018. Today, Pinterest has a market capitalization of more than $40 billion.

You’ll find all the latest Pinterest numbers on this page, from the user base to revenue.

Let’s dive right into the stats:

Important Pinterest Usage and Revenue Stats

  • Pinterest has 459 million monthly active users worldwide, including 98 million in the US.
  • 35% of Americans use Pinterest.
  • Pinterest generated $1.69 billion in annual revenue in 2020. That’s an increase of 48.27% over the previous year.
  • 40.8% of Pinterest users worldwide are between 25 and 34 years old.
  • Female users make up more than two-thirds of Pinterest’s global audience.
  • The total number of saved pins on Pinterest exceeds 240 billion.

Pinterest monthly active users (worldwide)

Pinterest has 459 million monthly active users (MAUs) across the world. The global Pinterest user base has grown by 3.85% since the last quarter (Q3 2020).

In the last year alone, Pinterest has added 124 million new monthly active users (27.01% of the total existing user base).

Here’s a table showing the growth in Pinterest MAUs since 2016:

Quarter, yearMonthly active users
Q1 2016128 million
Q2 2016135 million
Q3 2016150 million
Q4 2016160 million
Q1 2017175 million
Q2 2017185 million
Q3 2017204 million
Q4 2017216 million
Q1 2018239 million
Q2 2018231 million
Q3 2018251 million
Q4 2018265 million
Q1 2019291 million
Q2 2019300 million
Q3 2019322 million
Q4 2019335 million
Q1 2020367 million
Q2 2020416 million
Q3 2020442 million
Q4 2020459 million

Source: Pinterest.

Pinterest monthly active users (US)

Pinterest has 98 million monthly active users in the United States.

Pinterest’s audience in the US has grown by 50.77% (+ 33 million new MAUs) since the beginning of 2016.

But annual growth of the US user base has been below 12% in each of the last 2 years. And Pinterest didn’t add any new American MAUs in the last quarter.

We’ve charted the number of Pinterest monthly active users in the US since 2016:

Quarter, yearMonthly active users
Q1 201665 million
Q2 201665 million
Q3 201669 million
Q4 201670 million
Q1 201771 million
Q2 201771 million
Q3 201774 million
Q4 201776 million
Q1 201880 million
Q2 201875 million
Q3 201880 million
Q4 201882 million
Q1 201985 million
Q2 201985 million
Q3 201987 million
Q4 201988 million
Q1 202090 million
Q2 202096 million
Q3 202098 million
Q4 202098 million

Pinterest monthly active users (non-US)

Pinterest has 361 million monthly active users based outside of the US, comprising 78.65% of the worldwide audience.

The number of international Pinterest MAUs has increased by 46.15% over the last year alone. 114 million new monthly active users have joined the platform at this time — more than the total US user base.

From 2016-2020, the Pinterest international user base has grown at a CAGR of 44.81%.

Here’s a table showing the growth of non-US Pinterest users:

Quarter, yearMonthly active users
Q1 201663 million
Q2 201670 million
Q3 201681 million
Q4 201690 million
Q1 2017104 million
Q2 2017114 million
Q3 2017129 million
Q4 2017139 million
Q1 2018160 million
Q2 2018156 million
Q3 2018171 million
Q4 2018184 million
Q1 2019206 million
Q2 2019215 million
Q3 2019235 million
Q4 2019247 million
Q1 2020277 million
Q2 2020321 million
Q3 2020343 million
Q4 2020361 million

Source: Pinterest.

Pinterest usage in the US

Based on AudienceProject data, 35% of Americans use Pinterest. As such, the visual discovery platform is the 4th most used social network in the country.

Here’s a table showing reported Pinterest usage in the US since 2017:

Quarter, yearUsage rate
Q2 201731%
Q4 201834%
Q3 201932%
Q3 202035%

More than half (53%) of American women use Pinterest. By contrast, only 18% of US males are active on the platform.

Source: AudienceProject.

Number of saved pins on Pinterest

“Pins” are a bookmark feature on Pinterest. Images, videos and products can be saved, ready to be viewed again at a later date.

According to company data, over 240 billion total posts have been pinned.

Source: Pinterest.

Pinterest annual revenue (worldwide)

Pinterest generates $1.69 billion in annual revenue. That’s an increase of 48.27% since last year (2019) when the company made $1.14 billion.

Pinterest’s annual revenue has shown consistent growth since 2016, registering a CAGR of 54.19% over the last 4 years.

We’ve charted Pinterest’s annual revenue since 2016:

2016$299 million
2017$472 million
2018$755 million
2019$1.14 billion
2020$1.69 billion

Source: Pinterest.

Pinterest annual revenue (US)

The US market contributes 84.02% of Pinterest’s total annual revenue, amounting to $1.42 billion. US revenue has increased at a slightly slower rate than worldwide earnings over the last year, growing by 37.86%.

Here’s a table with annual Pinterest revenue in the US since 2016:

2016$292 million
2017$448 million
2018$715 million
2019$1.03 billion
2020$1.42 billion

Source: Pinterest.

Pinterest revenue (non-US)

Pinterest generates annual revenue of $268 million from international markets. Pinterest’s non-US revenue has increased 2.29x since last year.

Pinterest users based outside of the US are responsible for 15.83% of all revenue-generating activity.

The mature US market still accounts for the vast majority of Pinterest revenue. But the international revenue share has grown in recent years, nearly tripling from 5.42% in 2018.

Here’s a table showing annual Pinterest revenue in international markets since 2016:

Quarter, yearRevenue
Q2 2016$1 million
Q3 2016$2 million
Q4 2016$4 million
Q1 2017$3 million
Q2 2017$5 million
Q3 2017$6 million
Q4 2017$10 million
Q1 2018$7 million
Q2 2018$8 million
Q3 2018$9 million
Q4 2018$17 million
Q1 2019$15 million
Q2 2019$24 million
Q3 2019$28 million
Q4 2019$50 million
Q1 2020$35 million
Q2 2020$41 million
Q3 2020$69 million
Q4 2020$123 million

Source: Pinterest.

Pinterest weekly active users

275 million Pinterest users access the platform at least once a week. For context, that’s 56% of all monthly active users engaging with the site on a weekly basis. The share of MAUs logging on every week has shown little variation over the past three years: it was 57% in 2018 and 2019.

Source: Pinterest.

Pinterest gender demographics

According to company data, female users make up more than 60% of the worldwide Pinterest audience.

Hootsuite estimates that 77.1% of the Pinterest ad audience consists of female users.

Source: Pinterest, Hootsuite.

Pinterest age demographics

Worldwide, 40.8% of Pinterest users are between 25 and 34 years old. The 25-34 age bracket is by far the largest single group.

Less than a quarter (24.8%) of users are older than 45.

Here’s a breakdown of the Pinterest audience by age group (and gender):

Note: Data refers to Pinterest’s advertising audience.
Age groupShare of users (breakdown by gender: female, male, unspecified)
18-2415.9% (13.3%, 1.8%, 0.8%)
25-3440.8% (30.4%, 6.2%, 4.2%)
35-4418.6% (14.1%, 2.8%, 1.7%)
45-549.9% (7.5%, 1.8%, 0.6%)
55-6411% (8.1%, 1.7%, 1.2%)
65+3.9% (2.8%, 0.8%, 0.3%)

Source: Hootsuite.

Countries with the largest Pinterest audiences

75.5% of the Pinterest advertising audience comes from just 5 countries. The USA, Germany, France, the UK and Canada have a combined Pinterest ad audience of 151.62 million.

Here’s a ranking of the largest Pinterest advertising audiences by country:

USA100.75 million
Germany17.65 million
France12.22 million
UK10.75 million
Canada10.25 million
Italy8 million
Spain7.13 million
Netherlands5.34 million
Australia4.3 million
Poland3.39 million

Source: Hootsuite.

Number of Pinterest app downloads

Based on Apptopia estimates, the Pinterest mobile app receives 14.34 million monthly downloads across iOS & Android.

Pinterest Lite (a lightweight version of the app, available on Android) was downloaded 740,812 times during the most recent 30-day period.

Sensor Tower provides similar estimates. February 2021 data shows a combined 16 million downloads of the Pinterest app, 11 million of which came from Google Play.

All-time Pinterest downloads on the Play Store exceed 500 million.

85% of users access Pinterest via the app.

Sources: Crunchbase, Sensor Tower, Pinterest, Google Play.

Number of Pinterest employees

Pinterest has 2,545 full-time employees across 23 locations. The employee count has increased by 14.79% in the last year.

YearFull-time employees

Per Comparably, employees at Pinterest receive average annual compensation of $129,914. The Blind website estimates a higher median salary of $165,000.

Non-US employees working at Pinterest on the H1-B visa are reported to receive an average base salary of $146,000.

Sources: Pinterest, Statista, Comparably, Blind, H1B Salary Database.


That’s it for my list of Pinterest statistics in 2021.

Pinterest continues to show steady growth, particularly in international markets. Revenue has exceeded $1 billion in each of the last two years.

Now I’m interested to hear from you:

Do you think Pinterest has further growth potential? Is the male audience an untapped market?

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments section below.

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