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There’s no doubt all of us want our content to be ranked on Google. But
the ultimate question is “How?”.
Now, let’s think about it. What is the first thing that the users see when they’re
searching for something on Google?
That’s right. It’s the headline. Your headline actually determines if the users want to
click on your website. If your headline is not attractive to them, they will visit your
competitor’s site because their headline makes more sense compared to yours.
Headline is very important as it is able to deliver the message to the audiences
on what your content is about. If your headline is unable to relate to the content
written, then your headline fails.
In order to be ranked, you have to firstly come out with a relevant headline. To
create the best headline, you have to know all the little details that make your users
tick. In this book, we will share some of the tips that we’ve been utilizing on our
blog posts that are ranking on Google.

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