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  • Human-Like Traffic Generator (Link)
  • How to scrape Facebook members from private groups (Link)
  • Easy infinite scroll web scraping of Appsumo deals (Link)
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  • How to extract raw data from Google maps listings (Link)

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Safely Scrape Google Results SEO Growth Hacking

Safely Scrape Google Results SEO Growth Hacking

Point and click interface

Point and click interface

Extract data from any web sites

Extract data from any web sites

Built for the modern web

Built for the modern web

Export data in CSV, JSON and HTML formats

Export data in CSV, JSON and HTML formats


Automated Data Scraping from any Website to Excel/CSV, JSON and HTML

  • Extract data from Google Maps by importing a template (link)
  • Autopilot SEO Software – Smart Web Scraping Bot v2.2.2 (link)
  • Extract Product Details from Amazon Product Listings (link)
  • Scrape Amazon Products (multiple instances & concurrent tabs) (link)
  • Extract Google Geolocated Search Results without Ads (link)
  • COVID-19 Web Scraper – Live Data to Custom FTP Server (link)
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  • Extract Google Maps Listings (link)
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  • Load Test – Network Traffic Generator (link)
  • Scrape Expired Domains on a Schedule (link)
  • Bulk URL Indexing – Make Google Crawl Your Website Faster (link)
  • Online Research COVID Test Kits Scraping (link)
  • Quick Overview – V1 (link)
  • Scrape Youtube Influencers Easily without Coding – V1 (link)
  • Scrape Real Estate Data from Zillow – Bypass ReCAPTCHA – V1 (link)
  • NEW (17/April/2020) – RTILA 2020 has been listed as an innovation solution to fight COVID-19 (link)

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Autopilot SEO Software – Smart Web Scraping Bot

An easy web scraping software with a smart point-and-click interface to turn live data into a structured

RTILA 2020 is a one-time purchase, it’s NOT a monthly or yearly subscription. The purchase price is a single PC
license and allows you to run one copy of the software, any bug fixes and upgrades are completely free for owners of
RTILA 2020. We are constantly adding new features, listening to customer feedback and enhancing RTILA 2020.


  • One-time purchase & Lifetime updates
  • Extract data on a schedule (every minute, hourly, daily etc.)
  • Support list/archive and single/detail pages
  • Next button pagination & infinite scroll
  • Crawl unlimited paginated pages
  • All devices are supported (desktop, tablet and mobile)
  • Customizable size screen resolutions (width x height)
  • Run multiple scraping instances at the same time
  • Unlimited concurrent tabs per scraping instance
  • Customizable scraping speed (page(s) per second(s))
  • Timeout for pages that takes too long to open or does not load completely
  • Wait time to avoid generating high server traffic
  • Custom number of retries to take manual actions such as captcha resolving
  • Take full page screenshots automatically for each request
  • Desktop notifications & alerts
  • Silent mode to run scrapers in the background
  • Disable image loading
  • Disable javascript and script files
  • Disable css and fonts
  • Block ads
  • Automatically delete your cookies after each timeout
  • Switch browser identity with random user-agents after each timeout
  • Mock geolocation / fake GPS locations
  • Smart proxy rotation
  • Raw URLs data (duplicate & invalid links are automatically be removed)
  • Create URLs dynamically from loops based on min & max values
  • Search & replace URLs on the fly with support for regex
  • Add suffixes and prefixes to your URLs list
  • Send a post request with form data
  • Set custom request headers and HTTP referers
  • Auto upload last results to custom FTP server
  • Append timestamp to each uploaded file name
  • Secure FTP support (TLS)
  • Upload different formats (excel/CSV, JSON and HTML)
  • All scraped data are stored locally
  • Each scraping session can be exported separately in different formats
  • Smart point-and-click interface. No coding needed
  • Multiple data selection with customizable names and css selectors
  • Built-in data filters (emails, IPs, numbers, phones etc.)
  • and much more …

There are other ways to scrape data from websites using many programming languages like Python, C#, PHP, Perl, Java,
R, Ruby and etc. Here you will find a powerful automated web scraping tool to scrape data from any website into
Excel/CSV, JSON and HTML for non-coders and advanced users.

Case studies

Due to the world’s current crisis, we are lowering the price of our web scraping tool to increase its accessibility.
Amid this situation, there’s an opportunity for research and data analytics. We believe this software can help.

For data scientists who try to gather statistics in order to create unique, charts/graphs and interactive public
platforms to share and educate the public, relating to everything covid-19.

Other example, if your are looking to buy coronavirus supplies from China, and want someone who can use the
government list to source suppliers who have for example:

– FDA Certificate – For USA market
– CE Certificate – For EU market
– All factories must have production capacity to meet our orders.
– Have export permit and able to handle CIQ requirements
– PPE product list is as follows : N95 Mask, Surgical Mask, Nitrile Gloves, Face Vizor, Googles, Protective Suit,
Disposable Gown, Antiseptic Wipes

Online Research COVID Test Kits Scraping (link)


We value our clients and believe that GREAT SUPPORT is the key to success. Please leave a message using this contact
form and we will get back to you!

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