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LinkedIn is testing a different take on a Discover feed — a new mobile app section with content curated by humans rather than algorithms.

Similar to other discovery-based feeds, a dedicated tab in the LinkedIn app will house content published by accounts outside your network.

LinkedIn’s feed differs from others in how the content is selected.

Blake Barnes, VP of Product at LinkedIn, shared a preview of the new feed, saying it’s currently in an early testing period:

“… we’re testing a dedicated space for you to discover relevant content and voices from people and organizations you’re not connected with, who you might not see or hear from otherwise. You can expect to see trending conversations from voices that align with your professional interests, news and relevant events curated by our editorial team, and a wealth of other knowledge designed to help you get ahead in your career.”

LinkedIn Tests New Human Curated Discover FeedImage credit: Screenshot from linkedin.com/posts/barnesblake, August 2022.

As shown in the screenshot above, LinkedIn’s discovery feed isn’t limited to posts. From the top menu, you can browse videos, newsletters, events, and more.

Barnes is actively responding to questions about the discovery feed, one of which asks for more information about the content selection.

He says content is selected by the LinkedIn News team and targeted to users based on their occupation and interests:

“At the initial test we will include content curated by our LinkedIn News team and relevant content based on an individual’s professional identity and possible interests. More to come here.”

In addition to enriching the user experience with a broader variety of content, there’s potential for audience growth that could lead to more professional opportunities.

There are benefits and drawbacks to a human-curated feed, however.

On the one hand, humans may be able to pull in better quality content than algorithms. On the other hand, they may only be pulling from a limited pool of publishers that already have established audiences.

As it’s in the early days of testing, time will tell if smaller publishers get a push from LinkedIn’s discovery feed.

For now, the feed is limited to English language content. If you’re in the test group, you’ll see a new ‘Discover’ tab in the bottom navigation menu of the LinkedIn mobile app.

Source: Blake Barnes

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