Instagram Unveils Carousel Music, Collabs, And Add Yours Sticker

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Written by Kristi Hines –

Instagram announced music for carousel posts, collabs, and a sticker that invites followers to submit user-generated content.

The series of new features provides users with enhanced ways to create, work together with other creators, and encourage interaction with followers.

Instagram Unveils Carousel Music, Collabs, And Add Yours StickerScreenshots from Instagram, August 2023

Add Music To Photo Carousels

Building on the launch of music for feed photos, Instagram now allows users to add music to photo carousels.

Whether sharing a collection of items for sale or capturing moments from your latest event, users can select music that encapsulates the moment or message.

Invite Others To Collaborate On Posts, Carousels, And Reels

Collabs is opening up more possibilities on Instagram. Users can invite up to three additional creators to co-create a post, carousel, or reel.

Both private and public accounts can collaborate, enhancing reach to each collaborator’s audience and reflecting on their profile grids.

Grow Your Library Of User-Generated Content With The Add Yours Sticker

The ‘Add Yours’ sticker allows creators and artists to invite their followers to participate in challenges with fun prompts when they create Reels.

Participants can submit UGC, receive recognition from the creators, and get visibility with the Creator’s audience if approved.

An Expanded Music Library

Music is becoming a more integral part of the Instagram experience.

The platform is expanding its music library to more countries and partnering with Spotify in Mexico and Brazil to feature 50 of the most popular songs from Instagram Reels on a new Reels Music Chart on Spotify.

More Ways To Create And Collaborate

Instagram strives for innovation and creativity, promising to keep developing features to enhance the platform’s ability to create and share content.

Meta released new features for Instagram and Threads this week, fostering creative expression and opening avenues for collaboration and engagement.

For marketing professionals, this means new ways to reach audiences, share branded content, and leverage the power of music and collaboration for enhanced community building.

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