I Subscribed to 72 SEO Newsletters. Here Are My 11 Favorites

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Written by Ryan Law –

There are lots of SEO newsletters. Maybe too many.

I sacrificed my email inbox to bring you a carefully chosen selection of favorites. Every newsletter included here does four things:

  • Focuses specifically on SEO (and not just marketing)
  • Offers valuable free content (and isn’t locked behind a Substack paywall)
  • Sends regular emails (and hasn’t stopped publishing)
  • Offers something unique (and does it better than any other newsletter)

The 11 newsletters featured here cover every corner of the search world, including Google algorithm updates, local SEO tips, detailed tutorials, and new job opportunities.

(And if you’d like to choose your own favorites, here’s my spreadsheet of all 72 newsletters.)

Best for: Getting a little taste of all things SEO
Author: Aleyda Solis
Number of subscribers: 28,000
Email frequency: Weekly on Sunday
Can you sponsor this newsletter? Yes—email Aleyda here
Subscribe link: https://seofomo.co/ 

#SEOFOMO is the Swiss Army Knife of newsletters. Once weekly, Aleyda Solis shares her selection of search news, interesting links, open jobs, upcoming events, and people to follow.

If your fear of missing out extends beyond search into marketing generally, Aleyda also curates the MarketingFOMO newsletter.

Inbox screenshot of the SEOFOMO newsletter

Best for: Learning SEO’s soft skills
Author: Tom Critchlow
Number of subscribers: 10,000
Email frequency: Every few months
Can you sponsor this newsletter? Not currently
Subscribe link: https://newsletter.seomba.com/about 

The SEO MBA focuses on the “soft skills” of SEO like communication, problem-solving, and leadership.

You’re probably pretty great at keyword research and link building. The SEO MBA will help you level up in other areas: reporting wins to your boss, pitching new projects, and even interviewing for new jobs.

Inbox screenshot of the SEO MBA newsletter

Best for: Getting articles like this in your inbox
Authors: Si Quan Ong
Number of subscribers: 284,000
Email frequency: Weekly
Can you sponsor this newsletter? No
Subscribe link: https://ahrefs.com/newsletter/ 

It’s us! The Ahrefs’ Digest shares a weekly selection of great reads from around the web—including the best content from the Ahrefs Blog.

If you like this article, you’ll like our newsletter. The latest edition included a deep dive into JavaScript SEO, the confessions of a viral AI writer and, most important of all, my favorite meme about marketing attribution.

Inbox screenshot of the Ahrefs' Digest newsletter

Best for: Understanding SEO for publishers and news outlets
Authors: Jessie Willms, Shelby Blackley
Number of subscribers: 7,750
Email frequency: Weekly on Monday
Can you sponsor this newsletter? Yes
Subscribe link: https://www.seoforjournalism.com/ 

WTF is SEO? covers core SEO concepts from the perspective of journalists and media companies.

Authors Jessie Willms and Shelby Blackley are both in-house SEOs at big news publishers. They write from personal experience on topics like using keyword research for news items, auditing complicated tag pages, and working within the constraints of paywalled content.

Inbox screenshot of the WTF is SEO? newsletter

Best for: Original research into the biggest players in SEO
Author: Glen Allsopp
Number of subscribers: 30,000–40,000
Email frequency: Three to five emails per year
Can you sponsor this newsletter? No
Subscribe link: https://detailed.com/#newsletter 

Detailed’s Glen Allsopp tracks the search performance of 2,917 companies (not a typo) and shares his findings every few months.

I’ve learned a lot from Detailed. For example: 562 of the biggest media brands are owned by just 16 companies. Together, they generate almost 4 billion clicks per month. And the biggest brand of the bunch? Pop-culture wiki site Fandom.

Inbox screenshot of the Detailed.com newsletter

Best for: Quick, super actionable SEO tactics
Author: Steve Toth
Number of subscribers: 16,000
Email frequency: Weekly
Can you sponsor this newsletter? Yes—email [email protected] 
Subscribe link: https://seonotebook.com/ 

SEO Notebook shares tactics plucked directly from author Steve Toth’s notebook. No long essays, no polarizing opinion pieces—just quick recommendations for better rankings.

Recent tips include finding zero-volume keywords that actually generate traffic, using regex in Google Search Console, and building links using the power of jealousy.

Inbox screenshot of the SEO Notebook newsletter

Best for: Following breaking news and emerging trends
Author: Many people
Number of subscribers: 200,000
Email frequency: Daily
Can you sponsor this newsletter? Yes
Subscribe link: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/newsletter-sign-up/ 

Search Engine Journal sends daily emails about the latest Google updates, industry news, and product launches. If you’ve ever seen “The Matrix,” reading Search Engine Journal is like being tapped into the SEO equivalent of the mainframe.

There are a lot of news roundups in SEO. Search Engine Land. Search Engine Roundtable. Search Engine Watch. Search Engine Obsessive. (OK, I made that one up.) I had trouble deciding between them, so I let X make the call.

Inbox screenshot of the Search Engine Journal newsletter

Best for: Making a male-dominated industry a little less male-dominated
Author: Areej Abuali
Number of subscribers: 4,000+
Email frequency: Monthly
Can you sponsor this newsletter? Yes
Subscribe link: https://www.womenintechseo.com/newsletter/ 

The Women in Tech SEO (#WTS) newsletter exists to highlight the incredible work of women in the search industry.

Every month, Areej Abuali shares a selection of projects, talks, and articles like Corina Burri’s ChatGPT use cases, Giulia Panozzo’s deep dive into causal impact analysis, and Esther Akinsola’s pivot from content marketing to SEO.

There’s more to #WTS than just the newsletter: There are community groups, conferences in three countries, and a podcast.

Inbox screenshot of the Women in Tech SEO newsletter

Best for: Exploring the niche and affiliate sides of SEO 
Author: Spencer Haws
Number of subscribers: 67,000
Email frequency: Weekly
Can you sponsor this newsletter? No, just the podcast
Subscribe link: https://www.nichepursuits.com/join-newsletter/ 

Niche Pursuits explores how people use SEO to make their living online.

Spencer Haws and team share regular perspectives and case studies from the worlds of affiliate marketing, niche sites, and dropshipping. Recent success stories include a Japanese travel blog earning $5,000 per month and a D&D and miniatures site earning $8,000 per month. 

Inbox screenshot of the Niche Pursuits newsletter

Best for: Improving your local SEO chops
Author: Phil Rozek
Number of subscribers: 10,200
Email frequency: Monthly
Can you sponsor this newsletter? Not currently
Subscribe link: https://www.localvisibilitysystem.com/ 

Phil Rozek writes an intensely detailed newsletter about the challenges and quirks of local SEO. 

Phil proves that there’s more to local SEO than citations and location pages. My favorite recent example: why “search optimizing” your opening hours can boost your visibility in Google Maps and even help you rank for more keywords.

Inbox screenshot of the Local Visibility System newsletter

Best for: You guessed it: finding SEO jobs
Author: Nick LeRoy
Number of subscribers: 2,000
Email frequency: Weekly on Monday
Can you sponsor this newsletter? Yes—email [email protected]
Subscribe link: https://www.seojobs.com/ 

SEO Jobs sends a once-weekly collection of new SEO-specific job listings. You’ll find roles spanning in-house and agency, in-office and remote, from new starters up to leadership.

Nick LeRoy also writes the SEO For Lunch newsletter, the SEO Freelancer newsletter, and quite possibly several other newsletters in my spreadsheet.

Inbox screenshot of the SEO Jobs newsletter

Final thoughts

SEO newsletters are great: Thanks to this experiment, I learned about everything from the helpful content update to causal impact analysis, all from the comfort of my inbox.

But as I stare at 361 unread emails, I think it’s safe to say that you shouldn’t subscribe to all of them.

Which newsletters are your favorite? Let me know on X.

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