14 Best Pet Affiliate Programs in 2024

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Written by Backlinko Team –

With the pet industry projected to grow to $368 billion by 2030, and tons of pet owners looking to find new products for their companions, there’s never been a better time to tap into the pet affiliate marketing niche. Yet, with a plethora of programs available, identifying the best one is no easy task.

I’ve taken out all the hard work and found the best pet affiliate programs on offer. I’ve also included their commission structures, cookie durations, and perks.

How I Chose the Top 14 Programs

So how did I find these incredible affiliate programs? And what exactly did I look for? To do this, I broke down the search into categories like brand reputation, commission structure, potential conversion rates, and more.

Here’s a more in-depth look at my selection criteria:

Brand Reputation

I checked out what people were saying in the customer reviews for each program. Good reviews mean that folks are happy and trust the brand. I also looked for awards or recognition in the pet space, and the ones connected to well-known brands got the thumbs up.

Commission Structure and Payout

Next, I did a deep dive into the commission rates for all of the programs I could find. Additionally, I scouted out programs that tossed in extra perks or bonuses based on how well affiliates perform.

Conversion Rates

You won’t do very well if the products you’re promoting are low in quality. So naturally, I checked to see if they were, in fact, worth buying. High-quality products are more likely to turn window shoppers into buyers.

The programs that handed out helpful marketing materials like banners, images, and promos also got a gold star. These tools can really help to bump up your conversion rates.

Cookie duration

The longer the cookie lasts, the better it is for you since it gives you a much bigger window to earn commissions on sales. Because of this, I leaned more toward programs that had the longest cookie durations available. A great example of this is Cherrybrook, which offers a whopping 90 days!

Niche relevance

I made sure to look for affiliate programs that matched up with the pet niche. The more variety in pet products and services there are, the better it is for affiliates who want to promote different things.

Affiliate support

If you’re just starting as an affiliate (or you’ve been in the game for a while), having support and guidance can be beneficial to your success. That’s why I chose programs that also offer support to their affiliates.

Top Pet Affiliate Programs

  1. Chewy Affiliate Program
  2. BarkBox Affiliate Program
  3. Petco Affiliate Program
  4. HolistaPet Afffiliate Program
  5. Ollie Affiliate Program
  6. Brain Training for Dogs Affiliate Program
  7. Fitbark Affiliate Program
  8. Embark Affiliate Program
  9. Petcube Affiliate Program
  10. Hepper Affiliate Program
  11. King Kanine Affiliate Program
  12. Pet Wellbeing Affiliate Program
  13. CherryBrook Affiliate Program
  14. Embrace Pet Insurance Affiliate Program

1. Chewy

Chewy Affiliate Program

Niche: Pet food, grooming supplies, pet health products, and other pet products

Commission rate: 4% per sale

Cookie duration: 15 days

URL to join: Chewy Affiliate Program

Perks: 1-on-1 support for affiliate marketers, regular newsletters sharing insights and trends, and real-time data on sales, performance, and more

Chewy stands out as the go-to online hub for pet food and pet-related products in the United States. With a vast inventory featuring over 2,000 brands, including well-known names like Kong, Purina, and Royal Canin, Chewy not only offers popular products but also has its own line of items.

Their products cater to a diverse range of animals, from dogs and cats to horses, birds, reptiles, farm animals like cows and chickens, and smaller pets like rabbits and ferrets. There’s no shortage of products to promote.

Although Chewy may not be throwing around the highest commission rates, you can still make a decent income by earning a 4% commission per sale from both new and existing customers.

Like some of the other affiliate programs on this list, Chewy has a dedicated 1-on-1 affiliate team to help ensure your success.

You’ll also receive regular newsletters, keeping you in the loop with valuable insights, opportunities, and the latest trends.

Chewy’s affiliate program is managed through Partnerize. With Partnerize, you have access to a reporting interface that allows you to monitor your orders in real time, analyze performance, generate tracking links, optimize your program, and facilitate commission payments.

2. BarkBox

BarkBox Affiliate Program

Niche: Pet subscription boxes

Commission rate: $18 – $20 commission per subscription sign-up or 10% commission per sale for BARK Food

Cookie duration: 7 days

URL to join: BARK Affiliate & Creator Program

Perks: Weekly newsletters and dedicated support for affiliates

As a reputable online platform exclusively dedicated to dog products and services, BarkBox has positioned itself as a reliable go-to for dog owners seeking quality and variety in their pet care choices.

Having led the way in introducing the pet subscription box concept in 2011, BarkBox continues to set the standard in the pet industry. What sets BarkBox apart is its meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch products for dogs.

When it comes to BarkBox’s Affiliate & Creator Program, it stands out as one of the best. They offer multiple options for you to choose from and make a healthy commission on sales.

Their program is segmented into four categories, each with its own commission structure. These include:

  • BarkBox: The original subscription service, with an $18 commission rate per sale.
  • Super Chewer: A themed collection of dog toys with a $20 commission rate per sale.
  • BARK Dental: Dog chews and toothpaste with a $20 commission rate per sale.
  • BARK Food: High-quality dog food with a 10% commission rate per sale.

The program is absolutely free to join, and the sign-up process is both simple and straightforward. With their reporting platform, Impact, you can monitor performance in real time and gain access to BARK’s tracking links for promoting their offers.

On top of that, you’ll receive weekly newsletters from their affiliate team, keeping you informed about their latest offerings and the best products for you to promote.

3. Petco

Petco Affiliate Program

Niche: Pet food, pet supplies, pet services

Commission rate: 2% per sale

Cookie duration: 7 days

URL to join: Petco Affiliate Program

Perks: Exclusive discounts on Petco products, great marketing support, and multiple payment options

As a leader in the pet retail sector, Petco is more than just a pet store. It’s a destination for pet owners seeking a comprehensive range of products.

From pet food and supplies to toys and accessories, the company caters to the diverse needs of pets. With a stellar reputation and a devoted customer base, Petco positions itself as a go-to retailer for pet essentials.

For pet enthusiasts and bloggers, the Petco affiliate program presents an excellent opportunity to monetize their websites. Affiliates benefit from a fair commission structure, earning a 2% commission on every sale facilitated through the program.

The focus of the program primarily revolves around product sales. Given Petco’s diverse range of high-quality pet supplies, including top-notch dog food and essential grooming products, affiliates will have many products to promote.

While the primary focus is on product sales, there are instances where affiliates may be encouraged to promote Petco’s services, such as pet grooming and training, as well as qualifying products. This diversified approach allows affiliates to explore different avenues for earning referral fees beyond standard product commissions.

To empower affiliates in their promotional efforts, Petco’s affiliate program provides various marketing tools and resources. On top of that, affiliates can stay updated on Petco’s latest promotions and receive strategic recommendations through regular newsletters.

This ongoing communication ensures that affiliates are well-equipped to employ effective strategies for driving sales and maximizing their earnings.

As a Petco affiliate, you can anticipate receiving monthly payments from the company, provided you meet the minimum payout threshold of $50.

4. HolistaPet

HolistaPet Affiliate Program

Niche: CBD pet products

Commission rate: Up to 35% commission per sale

Cookie duration: 30 days

URL to join: HolistaPet Affiliate Program

Perks: High order values and monthly payouts

HolistaPet offers a range of CBD-infused oils and treats for dogs, cats, and even horses.

So, if you’re interested in promoting CBD pet products, the HolistaPet affiliate program should be your go-to. With an increasing number of pet owners recognizing the health benefits of CBD for their pets, collaborating with a company like HolistaPet can be exceptionally lucrative. In fact, it’s estimated that this niche should grow in revenue by 31.8% before 2030.

Affiliates can capitalize on the increasing demand for holistic products and earn generous commissions on every sale referred through their unique affiliate link. They receive a competitive 15% commission rate, with the potential for an increase to 35% upon a monthly review of customers’ purchases.

Additionally, affiliates gain access to their user-friendly tracking software, comprehensive marketing materials, and dedicated affiliate support. This ensures affiliates can easily navigate the program and maximize their earnings.

5. Ollie

Ollie Affiliate Program

Niche: Freshly made meals, treats, and supplements for pets

Commission rate: $60 per sale

Cookie duration: 30 days

URL to join: Ollie Affiliate Program

Perks: Be the first to know about events and product updates

Ollie is a pet brand that provides fresh, home-cooked meals tailored to meet the unique nutritional needs of your dog. The platform collaborates closely with pet owners to ensure their dogs receive top-notch, nutritious meals. Affiliates can tap into the growing demand for premium pet products, helping pet owners discover the benefits of Ollie’s healthy meals.

By joining the Ollie affiliate program, affiliates become eligible to earn a $60 commission for every order generated through site banners and affiliate links. Additionally, affiliates gain access to an array of marketing materials, including banners and text links, to make creating your content strategy a breeze, and a dedicated affiliate support team to help them along the way.

Affiliates also enjoy the advantage of receiving updates on products, events, and content from the company before they are made public.

What I appreciate most about this brand is that for every box of Ollie sold, they contribute a portion of their profits to support dogs in need, a great bonus to promote to your audience.

6. Brain Training for Dogs

Brain Training for Dogs Affiliate Program

Niche: Dog training courses

Commission rate: 75% per sale

Cookie duration: 60 days

URL to join: Brain Training for Dogs Affiliate Program

Perks: Access to free banners, giveaways, email templates, promotional videos, keyword ideas, and more

Adrienne Farricelli is a certified and professional dog trainer and the mastermind behind the Brain Training for Dogs video course. Renowned for her expertise, she has earned recognition in respected publications such as USA Today and Everydog Magazine. Her training program is designed to enhance your dog’s habits and behaviors, making it an invaluable resource for pet owners in search of effective training methods.

The Brain Training for Dogs affiliate program, managed through ClickBank, offers a compelling opportunity for pet enthusiasts looking to monetize their websites or blogs in the pet niche. Known for its attractive commission rates and cookie durations, it is a preferred choice among pet bloggers in the industry.

Furthermore, the company’s sales pages have shown impressive conversion rates. This means that affiliates endorsing the training course have the potential to earn a substantial income.

Additionally, affiliates will receive comprehensive support from their affiliate team to help them along the way. Plus, they will have access to banners, promotional videos, keyword ideas, and more to make it easier to get link clicks.

7. Fitbark

Fitbark Affiliate Program

Niche: Dog health and wellness

Commission rate: 12% (per sale) starting commission rate

Cookie duration: 60 days

URL to join: FitBark Pet Affiliate Program

Perks: High average order values

FitBark is a renowned brand specializing in fitness trackers for dogs. These trackers enable pet owners to keep a close eye on their companions’ health and activity levels. Affiliates have a unique opportunity to align themselves with this innovative brand through the FitBark affiliate program and earn commissions for every sale they generate.

The program offers a robust 12% base commission per sale, coupled with an attractive average order value of $100. This makes FitBark a compelling choice for affiliates seeking to monetize their pet-focused content and tap into the thriving pet industry.

FitBark has partnered with ShareASale to streamline the affiliate marketing process. After signing up, affiliates will receive custom links and banners designed to easily fit into their websites.

The only downside we found is that you won’t receive any commissions until you reach a $50 commission threshold.

8. Embark

Embark Affiliate Program

Niche: DNA testing for dogs

Commission rate: Up to 10% per sale on kit sales

Cookie duration: 30 days

URL to join: Embark Pet Affiliate Program

Perks: Creative assets and a unique affiliate link

Embark is a prominent player in the pet industry. They offer a diverse range of pet products, including DNA test kits, dog food, and accessories. With a strong reputation and a loyal customer base, partnering with Embark presents a promising opportunity for affiliates.

Affiliates can earn commissions of up to 10% on kit sales generated through their unique affiliate links. The DNA home testing kits are priced between $129 and $199, allowing affiliates to earn $12.90 or $19.90 per sale. This makes Embark an appealing choice for affiliates looking to make a large payout quickly.

9. Petcube

Petcube Affiliate Program

Niche: Pet cameras and monitoring

Commission rate: 10% commission per sale on devices

Cookie duration: 60 days

URL to join: Petcube Affiliate Program

Perks: Support from a dedicated affiliate manager and monthly payouts

If you’re like the hundreds (if not thousands) of pet owners who have lost the luxury of working from home, then you probably know how stressful it can be to leave your pets alone all day.

With Petcube, you can join over 4,000 other affiliates and start earning money by promoting their range of interactive pet cameras. These nifty little devices not only let pet owners keep tabs on their cats and dogs, but they also come with cool features like treat dispensers and built-in laser toys.

Petcube’s prices range from $49.99 to $149.99, so with their excellent 10% commission rate, there is some decent cash to be made through their affiliate program.

10. Hepper

Hepper Affiliate Program

Niche: Cat products (beds, bowls, toys, and more)

Commission rate: 12% per sale (starting commission rate)

Cookie duration: 30 days

URL to join: Hepper Cat Affiliate Program

Perks: High average order value, 1-on-1 support for affiliates, and quick transfers for commission

If you’re a cat enthusiast looking to earn some extra money, the Hepper Cat Affiliate Program is the perfect choice. Hepper creates stylish and modern cat furniture and toys and supplies everything from cat bowls to beds and scratching posts.

As a Hepper affiliate, you can enjoy a 12% starting commission rate on average order values of around $60 or more, which means you’ll get solid commissions with every sale.

What really sets Hepper apart from other affiliate programs is that it offers 1-on-1 support and advice from an in-house team that’s experienced in affiliate marketing.

The only drawback is that you won’t receive any commissions until you reach a $50 threshold in commission earnings.

11. King Kanine

King Kanine Affiliate Program

Niche: CBD pet products

Commission rate: 15% per sale

Cookie duration: 30 days

URL to join: King Kanine Affiliate Program

Perks: Customized stat tracking, support for affiliate marketers, and other resources

As the top manufacturer and retailer of CBD products for dogs and cats, King Kanine provides high-quality pet health products that have been formulated by a licensed pharmacist. They’ve also been independently tested for safety, so you can rest easy knowing you’re only promoting the best products on the market.

Joining the King Kanine Affiliate Program presents a lucrative income opportunity in a growing niche. Affiliates benefit from an impressive 15% commission per sale, and with an average order value of $77, you could make $11.50 per sale. The brand also offers both domestic and international shipping options. This means affiliates have a vast audience to target.

Additionally, affiliates receive tailored stat tracking, valuable resources, and direct support from a dedicated customer service team.

12. Pet Wellbeing

Pet Wellbeing Affiliate Program

Niche: Pet health products

Commission rate: 10% per sale

Cookie duration: 60 days

URL to join: Pet Wellbeing Affiliate Program

Perks: Affiliates that bring in more traffic may be eligible for more commission and longer cookie duration.

Pet Wellbeing stands out as a trusted and highly sought-after brand in the pet wellness industry.

They have over 100 products, which means you can promote a range of products that your audience is looking for. What’s more is that most orders are around $60 to $75, which means you can make bank on every product you help to sell.

Your audience will also love the additional exclusive incentives, like free shipping on orders over $50. This means they’ll be more likely to use your affiliate link and trust any other products you promote in the future.

13. CherryBrook

CherryBrook Affiliate Program

Niche: Pet food, grooming supplies, pet health products, and other pet products

Commission rate: 8% commission per sale

Cookie duration: 90 days

URL to join: CherryBrook Affiliate Program

Perks: Long cookie duration, automatic deposits, dedicated help for affiliate marketers, and affiliates that bring in more traffic may be eligible for more commission (VIP affiliate status)

Established in 1969, CherryBrook stands as a well-established and highly trusted brand in the pet industry. Notably, they are the preferred choice for professional breeders and show dog handlers, a testament to their credibility and reliability among pet owners.

Pet owners love pampering their pets, whether it’s with new food or unique grooming tools. So why not capitalize on this by joining the CherryBrook affiliate program?

Cherrybrook is renowned for its extensive inventory of over 13,000 pet-related products. With a diverse product range covering grooming supplies, health products, educational materials, and unique gifts for dogs, Cherrybrook’s affiliate program stands out as a versatile choice for affiliates looking to expand their earnings in the pet-focused niche.

Affiliates stand to benefit from an attractive 8% commission rate and a generous 90-day cookie duration.

14. Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance Affiliate Program

Niche: Pet insurance

Commission rate: $36 per lead

Cookie duration: 60 days

URL to join: Embrace Pet Insurance affiliate program

Perks: High payouts, long cookie duration, and leads don’t have to purchase the policy for you to make a commission

Founded in Cleveland in 2003, Embrace Pet Insurance is a well-established player in the pet insurance industry. They offer a straightforward approach with a single insurance plan.

You can then customize the plan according to your specific requirements, adjusting factors like maximum coverage, reimbursement percentage, and your annual deductible. Embrace stands out by covering pre-existing health conditions, a rare feature in the industry that adds significant value for pet owners. On top of that, for every policy sold, the company donates $2 to a pet charity.

What sets Embrace apart in terms of pet insurance affiliate programs is their flat $36 commission per lead. Unlike many competitors, Embrace requires only an online application and payment method for a lead to qualify. This makes it an incredibly appealing option for affiliates, as leads don’t have to purchase the insurance policy for you to receive credit for the sale.

Final Thoughts

The pet niche holds immense potential for affiliate marketers to generate substantial income. The diverse range of products and services in the pet industry caters to a broad audience, providing ample opportunities for affiliates to tap into various niches.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that success in this field comes with its set of challenges. The competitive landscape is fierce, with numerous marketers vying for attention. Staying ahead requires a deep understanding of the target audience, effective marketing strategies, and a commitment to continuous adaptation.

Establishing trust, providing valuable content, and staying informed about industry trends are crucial elements of a successful pet affiliate marketing journey.

Have you signed up for any of these pet affiliate programs?

Or did I miss any on my list that you feel deserve a spot on the list?

Let me know by commenting below.

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