Top 10 Health Affiliate Programs in 2024

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The health and wellness industry is booming. As of 2022, the global wellness economy was worth $5.6 Trillion.

With a wide range of sub-niches ranging from nutrition and physical fitness to mental health and personal care to tap into and millions of people actively seeking products and services that promote a healthy lifestyle, there’s never been a better time to tap into the health niche.

But for many, starting in the health affiliate marketing niche isn’t easy. Why? Because it’s a sector packed with lots of affiliate programs and uncertainties. With so many programs out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the best ones. No need to worry, I’ll steer you in the right direction.

To save you time and effort, I’ve researched and compiled a list of the top 10 best health and wellness affiliate programs that will not only provide you with attractive commissions but also offer high-quality products that customers will love. I’ll also break down the complexities and highlight lucrative opportunities while addressing the most common challenges in the health affiliate marketing niche.

The Top 10 Health Affiliate Programs

  1. Market Health Affiliate Program
  2. MoreNiche Affiliate Program
  3. Smart Nora Affiliate Program
  4. PlusCBD Affiliate Program
  5. Barefut Essential Oils Affiliate Program
  6. Thrive Market Affiliate Program
  7. NutriProfits Affiliate Program
  8. Life Line Screening Affiliate Program
  9. The Vitamin Shoppe Affiliate Program
  10. Tyent Water Ionizers Affiliate Program

1. Market Health

Market Health Affiliate Program
  • Product Category: Supplements, Beauty products
  • Commission Rates: Up to 60%
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Signup Link: Market Health affiliate program
  • Pros: Global reach, high commission rates, and a wide range of products
  • Best For: Affiliates with a diverse audience

To start my round-up of the best health affiliate programs, let’s talk about Market Health. They are an affiliate network specializing in wellness and beauty products. They provide various health and beauty items, including supplements, weight loss, skin care, and anti-aging products. This makes it perfect for practically anyone looking to capitalize on the booming sales of healthcare products.

Their diverse range of products opens up numerous opportunities for affiliates to engage potential customers, encourage clicks through referral links, and guide traffic to high-converting product landing pages.

What I love about Market Health’s affiliate program is its impressive commission rates, reaching up to 60% on every sale made through affiliate links. On top of that, affiliates are supported by an array of promotional tools like banners, text links, and email templates. These resources empower them to effectively market the products and maximize their earnings.

Plus, you get paid twice a month, which is great for regular income. The payment thresholds are user-friendly too, with a minimum of just $20.

2. MoreNiche

MoreNiche Affiliate Program
  • Product Category: Health supplements
  • Commission Rates: Up to 50%
  • Cookie Duration: Lifetime
  • Signup Link: MoreNiche affiliate program
  • Pros: Lifetime cookie plus a high commission rate
  • Best For: Bloggers, YouTubers, and other social media influencers

Next up is MoreNiche, a dedicated affiliate marketing company that has specialized in the health niche for nearly 25 years. The company offers a selection of health-related products, including supplements, vitamins, and other wellness essentials, sourced from reputable brands in the industry. They focus on the quality of the products, ensuring that they are backed by scientific research and formulated to enhance health and wellness.

Affiliates partnering with MoreNiche can take advantage of a robust affiliate program that boasts a competitive commission rate, reaching up to 50% on each sale generated through their affiliate links.

The program provides affiliates with a diverse array of products to promote, empowering them to choose items that align with their audience’s interests.

On top of that, MoreNiche equips affiliates with various promotional tools, including banners, text links, and product feeds. This enables them to promote the products on their sites effectively.

In addition to the attractive commission rates and promotional materials, MoreNiche enhances its affiliate program with extra incentives. High-performing affiliates have the opportunity to earn bonuses and rewards.

3. Smart Nora

Smart Nora Affiliate Program
  • Product Category: Sleep technology
  • Commission Rates: 6%
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Signup Link: Smart Nora affiliate program
  • Pros: Innovative product, good market demand, and positive reviews
  • Best For: Sleep health affiliates

If I started blogging about my sleep patterns and wanted to make money while doing so, I’d sign up for Smart Nora’s affiliate program. Why? Simply because they offer an innovative solution to a common problem: snoring. Plus it’s a single-product brand, so you won’t have to heavily readjust your marketing tactics.

Smart Nora is designed to turn any pillow into a smart solution for a better night’s sleep and it’s quite reasonably priced considering how the product can transform people’s lives. People love investing in ways to better their day-to-day lives. Keep that in mind when deciding what health sub-niche you want to focus on.

What’s fascinating about Smart Nora is its simplicity and effectiveness, making it a really nice product to promote. If you don’t believe me, just look at what Men’s Health, The Oprah Magazine, and Good Morning America have said about it.

The uniqueness of Smart Nora could be a strong selling point, especially if your audience is interested in health tech and innovative sleep solutions. It’s a very different product in a crowded market, and that’s what makes it special.

4. PlusCBD

PlusCBD Affiliate Program
  • Product Category: CBD products
  • Commission Rates: 15%
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  • Signup Link: PlusCBD affiliate program
  • Pros: Growing market and a trusted brand
  • Best For: Affiliates with an interest in alternative medication

CBD and THC products often get a bad rap, but they’re becoming a lot more widely accepted alternative form of medication. PlusCBD has emerged as a trusted brand within this evolving market. As a well-trusted name, they’re not just some run-of-the-mill brand, they’re pioneers in the field.

You can see their commitment to quality with the use of organic farming methods and chemical-free extraction processes. What I appreciate about PlusCBD is its transparency and dedication to safety. This is pretty much an affiliate marketer’s dream, as their products sort of sell themselves.

Their products are self-affirmed Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS), and they offer full traceability from seed to shelf. I mention this as it’s crucial within a market that’s still gaining trust.

With an average order size totaling $94 and a commission rate of 15%, you can make a good income just from this program alone.

5. Barefut Essential Oils

Barefut Affiliate Program
  • Product Category: Essential oils, Aromatherapy
  • Commission Rates: 20% on the first order, 10% on subsequent orders
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Signup Link: Barefut Essential Oils affiliate program
  • Pros: Competitive pricing on quality products
  • Best For: Blogs related to alleviating stress

Unlike a lot of other health-related products, Barefut has carved a unique place in the health and wellness niche. Since its launch in 2012, Barefut has gained lots of recognition for its purity and therapeutic qualities.

Another huge bonus with Barefut is that they give you top quality without the hefty price tag, something your audience will probably love. As an affiliate, promoting Barefut means you’re advocating for a healthier lifestyle through natural means. The only problem that I foresee with promoting Barefut products, is that you’ll likely need to do some research on aromatherapy before providing your audience with the affiliate link.

Other than that, they’ve got a diverse range of products to promote, from single oils to blends and accessories, so there’s something for everyone. This variety makes it easier to find products that will appeal to your audience, regardless of whether they’re new to essential oils or seasoned enthusiasts.

6. Thrive Market

Thrive Market Affiliate Program
  • Product Category: Organic and natural foods
  • Commission Rates: $40 on annual memberships and $5 on monthly memberships
  • Cookie Duration: 14 days
  • Signup Link: Thrive Market affiliate program
  • Pros: Large selection and a membership model (recurring income)
  • Best For: Healthy eating blogs

With this health and wellness company, many of its affiliates mention how well they create synergy between affiliates and partners, and I can see why. Their affiliate program is a collaboration that benefits everyone involved.

It’s their relationship with their affiliates that really sets them apart. Don’t get me wrong though, they do have some great products on offer, but customer support is an often overlooked aspect by those getting into affiliate marketing. The support systems or level of customer service offered by an affiliate program may be an indicator of what sort of experience you’ll have with a program.

Thrive Market specializes in organic and non-GMO foods, which is a huge plus for anyone focused on promoting healthier eating habits. Within their products, you’ll largely find pantry staples, as well as a whole lot of health and beauty products. Once again, this sort of diversity makes marketing a breeze.

Another thing that I have to mention is that they have a subscription model, so you could benefit from recurring income with this option.

7. NutriProfits

NutriProfits Affiliate Program
  • Product Category: Health and wellness supplements
  • Commission Rates: Up to 40%
  • Cookie Duration: Lifetime
  • Signup Link: NutriProfits affiliate programs
  • Pros: High commissions, lifetime cookies, extensive program options, and financial bonuses
  • Best For: Bloggers interested in fitness and health

Where do I even begin with NutriProfits? I mean, you can earn up to 40% commission, and they have an abundance of program options. It’s one of those programs that seems like a no-brainer when you see what they have to offer, and to be honest with you, for many affiliates, it is.

They cover quite a lot of different health and wellness products, so you’re bound to find something that aligns quite well with your brand. They also offer a lifetime cookie duration, meaning you can profit off anyone making a purchase who has ever clicked on your affiliate link.

But before you rush off to join this program, remember that although the commission is very high, you still need to consider the average order value. For example, a lower average order value might mean that you won’t earn that much profit on a sale. Just giving you some food for thought.

Also, bear in mind that this is a very competitive niche, so it’s probably not the best place to start if you’re new to affiliate marketing. However, for those with an established audience in the health and wellness sector, the NutriProfits program could line your pockets quite well. It’s straightforward and flexible, which is why it’s a very attractive prospect for affiliate marketers.

8. Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening Affiliate Program
  • Product Category: Preventive health screenings
  • Commission Rates: $90 per booking
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days
  • Signup Link: Life Line Screening affiliate program
  • Pros: Unique service in affiliate marketing and a potential for high demand
  • Best For: Affiliates targeting older demographics

Life Line Screening is very different compared to other health affiliate programs, but it’s the ideal program for an affiliate who wants to promote something truly impactful in the health niche.

Life Line Screening offers a valuable service in the realm of preventive health screening, assisting individuals in identifying potential health risks before they reach critical stages. They focus on detecting risks associated with Cardiovascular Disease, Stroke, and various chronic diseases.

As an affiliate marketer, promoting Life Line Screening feels meaningful because you’re advocating for early health intervention, which can be life-saving.

Their comprehensive screening packages offer so much value to customers, especially those over 50 or with risk factors.

Another reason their affiliate program is always mentioned among the best is because of how well-structured it is. It offers a $90 cost-per-action (CPA) for its Preventive Health Screening Package, plus there’s a nice 60-day cookie duration, so there’s lots of earning potential.

9. The Vitamin Shoppe

The Vitamin Shoppe Affiliate Program
  • Product Category: Vitamins, Supplements, Health foods
  • Commission Rates: Up to 10%
  • Cookie Duration: 7 days
  • Signup Link: The Vitamin Shoppe affiliate program
  • Pros: Frequent promotions and a wide product range
  • Best For: Affiliates with a broad health and wellness audience

The Vitamin Shoppe offers a diverse array of nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, natural beauty products, superfoods, and more. They have an online store, a dedicated app, and more than 700 brick-and-mortar stores across the US.

I like this affiliate program because health supplements and foods are an area that never really runs dry. This is because of the growing shift towards leading a much healthier lifestyle. It’s also a great program because of The Vitamin Shoppe’s mission of providing affordable healthcare solutions, making healthcare very accessible for a lot more people.

And with a range of products, you’ll always have something new and relevant to promote.

10. Tyent Water Ionizers

Tyent Affiliate Program
  • Product Category: Water Ionizers and Alkaline Water
  • Commission Rates: Up to 30%
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days
  • Signup Link: Tyent Water Ionizers affiliate program
  • Pros: Niche market of high-quality products with less competition
  • Best For: Diet-oriented bloggers

And last up on my list of the top health affiliate programs is Tyent’s affiliate program. For those who don’t know, an ionizer is a device that alters the pH level of water, so this is a very unique niche.

Promoting Tyent water ionizers can be a bit tricky compared to the more conventional health products, but it’s a fascinating field. The major downside with this affiliate program is that it’s going to need you to bring your A-game with your marketing initiatives.

Research is divided when it comes to the benefits of alkaline water, but this could still be a great opportunity for anyone looking to tap into a specialized market. That aside, think of it this way: as an affiliate marketer, you’ll be promoting a product that claims to promote increased energy and weight loss, very attractive prospects for a lot of people.

It’s a program that requires a bit more effort in terms of education and promotion, but for the right audience, it could be incredibly rewarding.

How to Choose the Right Health Affiliate Program

Selecting the right health affiliate program is crucial for success in this competitive market. It’s not just about finding a program with high commission rates but also one that aligns with your personal brand and offers quality products or services. Below we’ll dive into how to choose the health affiliate program that is right for you.

Most Profitable Programs

If you’re serious about venturing into the health and wellness niche as an affiliate marketer, then you have to identify the most lucrative programs. This is generally the place where most people start. However, the profitability of even the top health affiliate programs depends on a few factors.

First, think about the commission rate. A higher rate often seems attractive, but it’s the combination of rate and product appeal that truly drives earnings. Also, cookie duration is key, as a longer duration increases the chance of conversions.

One thing I would do is look for wellness affiliate programs that offer affiliate perks, such as bonuses for top performers or additional resources for promotion. In the context of health affiliate marketing, this could also mean providing research-backed stats on a project. I would also focus on companies providing high lifetime value, as this translates into more consistent earnings.

It’s also important to weigh recurring against one-time earnings potential. The ones that offer recurring commissions could equal a steady income stream, especially if the product caters to ongoing needs or purchases (like the Thrive Market program that offers memberships).

Top Commissions vs. Conversions

Although the top health affiliate programs usually have attractive commissions, it’s the conversion rate that ultimately determines your earnings. Look, I get it, high commission rates are attractive, but they can amount to nothing if the program doesn’t offer high-quality products that don’t align with your audience or actually sell.

For an affiliate marketer, the best thing you can do is strike a balance. Scrutinize the affiliate program’s track record: do they support their affiliates with marketing materials and insights to help boost conversions? Then consider the product’s relevance and alignment with current trends. In my experience, products that address specific health concerns tend to convert better.

Your goal should be to partner with programs that not only offer competitive commissions but also have a high potential for conversions within your specific health niche. Which brings me to my next point…

Niche Fit and Audience

One thing that I always try to stress to affiliate marketers is that their program of choice needs to align with their audience’s specific needs. This is even more true when it comes to the health and wellness industry. You shouldn’t just be promoting a health product for the sake of it. Trust me. Your audience can pick up on whether you have a genuine interest or not.

When sifting through programs, pay attention to the type of health products they offer and whether you could see yourself using them. This is a good basis to start on. Think of it this way: if your audience is keen on natural health and organic products, then you’re better off joining an affiliate program related to organic supplements.

After that, check the credibility and reputation of the brands. Trust is a huge factor when it comes to health and wellness products. So, if you manage to partner with a trusted brand that has a good reputation, you’ll likely also see your credibility rise.

Final Thoughts

Much like the healthcare industry, health affiliate programs tend to evolve pretty quickly. This means that you have to be on top of all the latest trends. The health benefits of products, the credibility of wellness brands, and the efficiency of affiliate networks are all crucial factors when you’re choosing an affiliate program.

Another thing to remember is that some of the best health affiliate programs for one set of bloggers might not be ideal for another, so take your time and don’t get too caught up in the popularity of a program. As the trends emerge, pivot accordingly and ensure there’s a good alignment with your audience’s needs.

Whether you’re new to this field or a seasoned veteran, feel free to share your opinions on affiliate marketing programs for health and wellness brands.

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