25+ Social Media Ideas Every Small Business Should Try

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Most business owners get so caught up fighting fires in their business that they run out of steam when it comes to social media. After all, it takes a small army to create posts, polish images, shoot and edit videos, and post frequently across multiple channels. Not to mention, responding to audience comments and questions in real time has become the expected standard. 

Stretched business owners still spend about 6 hours per week managing their social media presence. If you find yourself sacrificing evenings and holidays to plan your social media content, this article is here to help. Packed with over twenty innovative post ideas and essential tips, we’ll show you how to streamline your social media efforts and reclaim your freedom!

The first question is, can a business survive without social media? Unfortunately, the answer is a resounding No! Social media drives traffic to your website and shortens the path from browsing to buying for your customers. 

Expand your reach

Social media marketing is a powerful strategy for fueling growth and fostering connections. It can extend your business’s reach far beyond local boundaries. With strategic posts and targeted ads, even the smallest shops can engage with customers across continents.

Connect with your customers

Unlike traditional advertising, social media supports two-way communication. You can listen, respond, and engage directly with your audience. The real-time interaction builds trust and loyalty—real gold for small business sustainability. You can differentiate yourself in a crowded market and connect more deeply with your target audience.

Reduce marketing spend

When budgets are tight, social media gives you the most bang for your buck. Many features are free, and paid promotions can be adjusted to suit modest budgets. If done right, social media gives you the most control and best returns on your marketing spend.

Adapt to changing conditions

Social media is not just another task on your list; it’s an investment in your business future. By being active, you get analytics for valuable insights into your audience’s behavior and preferences. As the market changes, you can refine your marketing strategy and product offerings to remain ahead of the competition.

Most business owners know the benefits of social media and quickly set up pages and accounts on every channel. However, maintaining these pages is a challenge. Your social media page brings no benefits without frequently posted, relevant, and engaging content. All social media platforms cull inactive pages from followers’ media feeds and search results. You must post actively to get organic reach and more out of your ad spend. 

So, what types of content can you share?

Talk about your business

Self-promotion can be fun without being sleazy! Consider the following:

#1 Behind-the-scenes tours

Show the real people and processes behind your brand. Offer your followers a virtual tour of your workspace through video. Showcase daily operations, the people who make everything happen, and the effort that goes into your product or service delivery. Such transparency not only satisfies curiosity but also strengthens your audience’s trust.


SmilesofGilbert dentist office tour on Instagram (Source)

#2 Milestone celebrations

Celebrate and share your company’s milestones, such as anniversaries, achievements, or awards. These posts serve as testimonials to your business’s growth and resilience. Sharing successes invites your community to be a part of your journey. It also gives you an opportunity to create goodwill by offering discounts and giving back to customers.

#3 Meet the staff

Introduce your team members through posts featuring photos and fun facts about their roles and personal interests. This can humanize your business and help customers feel a stronger connection. Knowing who’s behind the service or product makes interactions more personal and relatable, creating a community feel. If possible, try to showcase pets—they are incredibly popular!


Goodr staff with their pets (Source)

#4 Day-in-the-life videos

Create and share videos depicting a typical day at your business. Content can vary from your team’s daily routines to the specific tasks of creating a product or service. Such posts are a way to tell your story and add depth to your brand.

#5 Product development sneak peeks

Tease new products or services with sneak peek content, such as photos or videos of the development process. This will build anticipation and excitement for upcoming offerings while involving your audience in the journey.


Candle sneak peek – Tiktok (Source)

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Discuss current events

Connect with your audience through current events to enhance relevance and encourage healthy debate and discussion. A trending topic could even make you go viral. But tread carefully—anything too controversial could get you canceled!

#6 Holiday-themed posts

Customize your posts to reflect the mood of upcoming holidays—whether it’s a heartfelt message during Christmas or a fun Halloween costume contest. Use these occasions to launch holiday-specific promotions or events that align with your brand’s identity. Ensure your content feels both timely and celebratory.

#7 Newsjacking

Newsjacking involves injecting your brand into a current news story or popular trend to make your content more relevant and engaging. It’s crucial to choose news that aligns with your brand values and to act swiftly to ensure the content is timely. When done right, newsjacking can significantly increase visibility and drive engagement.

Lotus Landing apartment newsjacking by starting a discussion on the Super Bowl on Facebook (Source)

#8 Awareness day posts

Participate in national or global awareness days that resonate with your brand’s mission and values. For example, if your business is focused on sustainability, engage in Earth Day activities and share the content to highlight your commitment to the environment. These posts build deeper connections with an audience who shares similar values.

#9 Seasonal tips

Share valuable tips or highlight products that are particularly beneficial for the current season. For example, offering winter skincare tips or showcasing your line of cozy winter apparel can be highly relevant as the weather changes. This approach helps position your brand as thoughtful and attentive to customer needs throughout the year.


Seasonal tips by rich services on Instagram (Source)

#10 Live event coverage

Participates in or host relevant industry events, festivals, or workshops as a business. You can then use your social media to provide live updates. Sharing live videos, key insights, or exciting announcements not only keeps your audience informed but also makes them feel like part of the experience. It can be particularly effective for building FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and encouraging more active engagement with your brand’s activities.

Educate your audience

Education is a powerful tool for social media engagement. You can inform your audience and establish your brand as a thought leader in your field. It also drives organic traffic—customers unaware of your brand can find you when searching for information on social media.

#11 Infographics

Infographics distill complex information into digestible, visually appealing pieces. Eye-catching graphics drive a lot of engagement on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, and your customers are also more likely to share such posts.


Infographic by Breen’s Florist on Pinterest (Source)

#12 FAQ posts

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) posts preemptively address common queries your customers might have. They can reduce customer service inquiries and improve user satisfaction. But you don’t have to do FAQs just about your business. It can be about any general topic related to your niche. For example, if you sell nail care products, you can create FAQs related to nail salons or nail health.

#13 How-to guides

Whether a blog post, video, or a series of images, step-by-step guides help your audience use your products effectively or understand your services better; for instance, a skincare brand might post a video tutorial on how to apply a new face cream or a tech company might create a guide on setting up their latest device. You can also provide DIY tutorials related to your niche. For example, a furniture company could share DIY tutorials on home decor or making a cubby house.


How to post by Better DriveWay (Source)

#14 Tips and tricks

These could be simple life hacks, professional advice, or niche insights that provide immediate value to your followers. The information should be bite-sized but very informational and meaningful. Tips posts are often shared and saved, extending your reach and increasing engagement on your profile.

#15 Industry updates

Regular updates make your social media channels a trusted source of industry news. Keep your audience informed about your industry’s latest trends, changes, and updates. You can share news announcements about innovations, regulatory changes, or market trends that might affect your customers. Alternatively, you could write and share opinion pieces about upcoming changes. 

Share user-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) is your customers’ voice. It gives you an opportunity to share your customer’s story and help others find connections and relate better to your channel. It gives prospective customers a real-world glimpse of what they can expect from your brand. UGC is one of the best ways to enhance credibility and build community. 

#16 Customer reviews

Feature positive reviews and testimonials from your customers. Written reviews are effective but can get monotonous. Try getting customers to share videos talking about you, using your products, or visiting your business. You could even offer discounts, gifts, or lucky draw entries in exchange for a review. More customers will share their experiences if you value and recognize positive and negative feedback.

#17 Photo contests

Invite customers to submit pictures of themselves using your product in innovative ways. Give prizes for the best submission to increase participation and engagement. Another option is to run photo contests related to your niche. For example, if you are a florist, get customers to send in funny wedding photos. You can ask for nature photos, city life photos, selfies, or anything engaging and fun that relates to your niche!


Photo contest post (Source)

#18 Fan reposts

Actively encourage your followers to tag your brand in their posts and make a habit of sharing or reposting this content on your own channels. This not only shows appreciation but also strengthens your community by highlighting real users. It signals that your brand values customer interaction and engages with its user base.

#19 Customer of the month

Spotlight a loyal customer regularly. You can share a brief story about their interests, challenges they faced, and problems your brand solved for them. You can also discuss any unique ways they use your products or services or any before/after transformation pictures. Such a personal touch fosters a stronger connection with your audience and encourages more customers to share their experiences in hopes of being featured.


Customer of the month post on Instagram (Source)

#20 Influencer collaboration posts

Influencer collaborations offer a unique avenue to expand your reach and authenticity. Content can include sponsored posts and videos about the influencer using or promoting your product in live events. The influencer may also include your products in a fun video or dance; you just have to reshare the content created. Sometimes, it can be as simple as the influencer mentioning or tagging you and you doing the same for them. You can also do thank-you posts acknowledging the influencer’s effort and partnership. 

Entertain and have fun

Don’t forget to have fun with your social media! Entertaining content breaks the monotony of promotional posts and gives your followers a reason to smile. Unique content with well-placed branding can easily go viral and reach thousands overnight. 

#21 Funny posts

Create lighthearted videos and images that align with your brand’s personality. A clever joke about your industry or a playful take on office life resonates well with your audience. You could also do reaction videos to trending content or time-lapse videos on all the hard work you do at the back end.


Funny post by Chipotle on X (Source)

# 22 Interactive polls

Interactive polls and quizzes are fun and provide insights into your followers’ preferences. They encourage participation and stimulate discussion and opinions in comments. The feedback collected can also be invaluable for improving marketing and customer service.

# 23 Bloopers

Genuine mistakes make you human! Outtakes from video shoots or everyday mishaps in the office make your brand more relatable. Transparency also builds authenticity and relatability—qualities that are highly valued by customers today.

# 24. Takeovers

Host takeovers of your social media page to freshen things up for your audience. The takeover could be by an employee, a customer, a family member, a business owner, or a local celebrity. A trusted third party would post content, respond to comments, and share videos on your page for a short period. It can be highly entertaining and attract a broader audience to your brand.

#25. Day without our business posts

Imagine a humorous scenario in which a character goes a day without your product or service. Showcase some of their over-the-top challenges as theatrical images or video clips. This series can highlight the usefulness of your product in daily life without coming across as too promotional!

Social Content AI: Your SMM specialist, writer, designer, and editor

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