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1804, 2024

HARO Has Been Dead for a While

April 18th, 2024|Ahrefs Blog|

Written by Joshua Hardwick - Every SEO’s favorite link-building collaboration tool, HARO, was officially killed off for good last week by Cision. It’s now been wrapped into a new product: [...]

2803, 2024

8 Free SEO Reporting Tools

March 28th, 2024|Ahrefs Blog|

Written by Chris Haines - There’s no shortage of SEO reporting tools to choose from—but what are the core tools you need to put together an SEO report?In this article, [...]

2902, 2024

SEO Woe or a Load of Baloney?

February 29th, 2024|Ahrefs Blog|

Written by Joshua Hardwick - Toxic backlinks are links that some SEO tools say could hurt your website’s Google rankings. The implication is that you should disavow them to keep [...]

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