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13 08, 2021

What It Is & How to Measure It

2021-08-13T21:45:27+10:00August 13th, 2021|Search Engine Journal|

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “productivity?” Probably how to do more work, right?Well, that’s not the productivity we’re talking about when it comes to marketing.In his outstanding book, “The Goal,” Eliyahu M. Goldratt describes productivity as “progress toward the goal.” In other words, simply doing more of something does not increase your [...]

14 01, 2021

How to Build SEO Into a Product

2021-01-14T05:47:10+11:00January 14th, 2021|Search Engine Journal|

I’m often asked how to grow organic traffic exponentially.While that’s a broad question, one point I always make is that organic traffic from the product beats content marketing every time.SEO works much better when you don’t have to create the content yourself.But for that to work, you need to build SEO into your product.Companies that understand this principle have much [...]

4 12, 2020

How Social Networks Leverage Organic Growth

2020-12-21T12:26:44+11:00December 4th, 2020|Search Engine Journal|

Growth experts at social networks don’t think about SEO the way we might do for a SaaS company.They face a unique set of challenges, such as getting Google to crawl and index billions of pages or render heavy JavaScript frameworks, and that takes a different mindset.While only a small subset of sites deal with these challenges, there is a lot [...]

1 10, 2020

3 Advanced SaaS SEO Strategies & Best Practices

2020-12-21T12:20:26+11:00October 1st, 2020|Search Engine Journal|

The number of SaaS companies grew from 150 in 2011 to 8,000 in 2020 – a 5,000% growth, according to Scott Brinker’s annual Martech 5000 analysis.It’s getting crowded and competitive.As a result, basic SEO tactics don’t cut it.I compiled three of my favorite advanced SaaS SEO strategies in this article, some of which I used during my time at Atlassian [...]

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