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17 06, 2024

15 Ways To Improve Conversion Rates In Google Ads

2024-06-17T10:00:06+10:00June 17th, 2024|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Brooke Osmundson - Are you tired of pouring money into Google Ads campaigns with poor conversion rates? You’re not alone. Many businesses struggle to convert ad clicks into meaningful actions like purchases, sign-ups, or leads. But fear not, because in this article, we’re diving into real-life tips and tactics that can make a tangible difference to your conversion [...]

25 02, 2024

7 Changes Marketers Should Make

2024-02-26T11:00:08+11:00February 25th, 2024|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Brooke Osmundson - Paid media’s main job is to increase visibility and drive traffic for your brand. And as digital marketing evolves, so, too, will your strategy. In the current state of paid, the main overarching theme is, you guessed it, AI and machine learning. As paid media platforms get smarter and constantly find ways to infuse AI into [...]

30 11, 2023

SEO Vs PPC: Pros, Cons & Differences

2023-11-30T21:00:23+11:00November 30th, 2023|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Brooke Osmundson - Which is better for business: SEO or PPC? Which one should you put your resources into? Truth be told, the answer isn’t one or the other. You need both to succeed! While both channels focus on increasing traffic and sales, there are key differences between the two. If you’re not sure where to start, this [...]

9 10, 2023

5 Google Analytics Reports Every PPC Marketer Needs To Know

2023-10-09T11:00:08+11:00October 9th, 2023|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Brooke Osmundson - Like it or not, the Google Analytics 4 migration deadline has come and gone. For someone who’s used Google Universal Analytics for the past 10 years, dealing with this change has been tough. The previous platform provided easy-to-use reports at marketers’ fingertips in an instant. It’s easy to have a love/hate relationship with Google Analytics [...]

25 09, 2023

How To Optimize App Install Campaigns

2023-09-25T10:00:08+10:00September 25th, 2023|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Brooke Osmundson - It’s now easier than ever to promote an app, thanks to Google App Install campaigns. This campaign type has both advantages and disadvantages when trying to promote a mobile app. The settings and features you have to your advantage in these campaigns are: Operating system device (iOS or Android). Budgets and bids. Cost-per-install caps. Creative [...]

21 12, 2022

Looker Studio (New Google Data Studio): The In-Depth Guide

2022-12-22T00:57:07+11:00December 21st, 2022|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Brooke Osmundson - If you haven’t heard, Looker Studio has replaced the well-known Google Data Studio brand. While Google Data Studio made reporting easier for many marketers, it certainly had its limitations. As a brand’s marketing strategy evolves and becomes more complex, so does the sophistication of its reporting needs. If you’re anything like me, you’re likely tired [...]

20 12, 2022

10 Biggest & Best PPC Features Of The Year

2022-12-22T16:12:07+11:00December 20th, 2022|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Brooke Osmundson - Can you believe the end of the year is already upon us? With so many changes to the advertising ecosystem, it’s easy for time to fly by. The year 2022 will be remembered for welcome (and unwelcome) changes to not only Google Ads and Microsoft Ads platforms but also to new features for up-and-coming channels. [...]

9 12, 2022

10 Remarketing Lists To Boost PPC Performance

2022-12-09T17:57:11+11:00December 9th, 2022|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Brooke Osmundson - Remarketing lists are a powerful tool for all Google Ads campaign types – but specifically for Google Search ads. With the looming, inevitable privacy updates coming to advertising, remarketing lists are a vital part of any PPC strategy. Remarketing allows you to hyper-target specific audiences who are already familiar with your brand to help maximize [...]

2 12, 2022

Google Updates Display & Video 360 Account Level Suspension Policies

2022-12-02T02:32:06+11:00December 2nd, 2022|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Brooke Osmundson - Throughout the year, Google has made numerous updates and clarifications to its disapproval policies. These updates have mostly revolved around providing more context to advertisers on the nature of ad disapprovals. Earlier this year, Google updated its ad destination policy, unavailable video policy, and 3-strike rule. To round out the year, Google is updating its [...]

29 11, 2022

What Does Chip-Making Demand Tell Us About Search Demand?

2022-11-29T03:02:07+11:00November 29th, 2022|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Brooke Osmundson - While so many elements of product demand have fluctuated since the pandemic in 2020, one of the more significant known issues has been mobile chip demand If you’re unsure of what that means, consider the automobile industry as an example. Most newer vehicles rely on chip technology. During the pandemic, there has been an unprecedented [...]

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