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6 04, 2021

50 Questions You Must Ask to Evaluate the Quality of Your Website

2021-04-07T13:47:12+10:00April 6th, 2021|Search Engine Journal|

Do the Webpages Contain Multiple H1 Tags?Is the Website Easily Crawlable?Are Error Pages Configured Properly?Does Navigation Use JavaScript?Are URLs Resolving to a Single Case?Does Your Site Use a Flat Architecture?Is Thin Content Present on the Website?Are You Planning on Reusing Existing Code or Creating a Site From Scratch?Does the Site Have Schema.org Structured Data Where Applicable?Does the Site Have An [...]

19 02, 2021

18 More SEO Issues That Cause Search Rankings & Traffic to Drop

2021-02-21T00:12:09+11:00February 19th, 2021|Search Engine Journal|

Sometimes the factors responsible for your search rankings and traffic dropping can be difficult to detect.It could have been a change in the Google algorithm, a technical error, your server not handling bandwidth properly, or links that were sending traffic before suddenly no longer sending that traffic, to name just a few examples.If you’re trying to diagnose a drop in [...]

12 02, 2021

Every Advanced Google Search Operator You Need to Know

2021-02-14T20:42:10+11:00February 12th, 2021|Search Engine Journal|

If you’re interested in search, the most critical skill you need is the ability to Google.I’m not just talking about figuring out the right search terms, but how to use the search engine to find a ton of interesting and variable results.Many tools can help you with research opportunities.These could be specialty tools for finding backlinks, on-page optimization aids, or [...]

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