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21 06, 2022

Why Your Agency’s Growth Is Limited & How To Fix It

2022-06-21T23:45:18+10:00June 21st, 2022|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Daniel Holdeman - If you’re looking for sustainable growth opportunities and meet the following criteria, you’re in the right place. Your agency has not reached the multi-million dollar mark yet. Your agency is directly responsible for PPC fulfillment. PPC is not your agency’s most lucrative offering. Those are the primary factors contributing to The PPC Dilemma, creating the [...]

24 02, 2022

Why Client Trust Is Essential In Paid Media And How To Build It

2022-02-24T00:45:31+11:00February 24th, 2022|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Daniel Holdeman Images of flying shrapnel and bursting flames occupy the minds of those familiar with Ford’s Pinto. This tragic public hazard of the ’70s sparked one of the most iconic examples of the dangers of cutting corners. It resulted in the largest punitive damage of its kind, costing Ford Motor Co. nearly $130MM. If there’s one thing [...]

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