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7 07, 2022

Better Alternatives To ‘Click Here’

2022-07-07T09:45:34+10:00July 7th, 2022|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Kim Krause Berg - Nothing is more boring and unmotivating to a user than seeing a big “Click Here” or “Learn More” link. As a user, they’re already researching a product or a service they want to purchase. Of course, they’re going to click links to learn more. Going Beyond “Click Here” Or “Learn More” So, how do [...]

9 02, 2022

A Guide To Automatic Accessibility Solutions For Search Marketers

2022-02-09T18:45:30+11:00February 9th, 2022|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Kim Krause Berg There is no easy workaround for making a website or mobile application meet accessibility conformance guidelines for everyone. It’s unrealistic to look for a solution that automatically makes a website or web app functional. And yet digital marketers try to inject search engine superpowers by promising increased conversions for a growing new target market of [...]

12 01, 2022

Build A Solid Foundation For SEO With Web Accessibility Requirements

2022-01-12T18:45:06+11:00January 12th, 2022|Search Engine Journal|

SEO and UX practices have helped to build a solid website foundation for search engine marketing. By adding web accessibility criteria to your requirements, a new layer of human experience design flings open creative marketing opportunities waiting for discovery.Agencies, design teams, and independent contractors tasked with creating a digital presence on the web face pressures to keep up with rapid [...]

9 12, 2021

Web Design Practices That Frustrate SEO Pros

2021-12-09T00:40:43+11:00December 9th, 2021|Search Engine Journal|

Search engine marketing professionals working with web developers know the frustration of communicating the importance of SEO requirements.That visually stunning website masterpiece could possibly be an equally stunning page load nightmare.SEO professionals that look at web design as part of their role are valuable. They understand how certain web design practices interfere with the user experience.When the user experience is [...]

13 10, 2021

Why Your Website Must Be Compliant

2021-10-13T22:41:20+11:00October 13th, 2021|Search Engine Journal|

An unsettled website accessibility law environment creates confusion for businesses and courts over what an accessible web business is and how to make it compliant.In the U.S., digital accessibility lawsuits continue to rise, with pushback from some circuit court judges.New software, such as overlays, promise automatic accessibility monitoring and repairs but created new problems for persons with disabilities rather than [...]

11 08, 2021

Web Accessibility for the Human Experience: When We Can Help

2021-08-11T21:45:27+10:00August 11th, 2021|Search Engine Journal|

Adding web accessibility best practices testing to your websites and mobile apps offers new opportunities to understand digital product experiences.We are challenged — as marketers, writers, designers, and developers — to observe people because our work focuses on meeting their needs.When creating web solutions for persons with disabilities, there are gaps in how we are building digital products because we [...]

11 02, 2021

Using SEO, User Experience & Accessibility for Improved Search Results

2021-02-11T01:12:09+11:00February 11th, 2021|Search Engine Journal|

The effectiveness of combining SEO, user experience, and accessibility best practices into your web-based business may be the holy grail for creating success with search engines.Before we connect these powerful skillsets, everyone has to agree to the union.We are not there yet.The RiddleOn February 5, 2021, I posted the following riddle on Twitter.Two websites walk into a bar.One carries a [...]

26 11, 2020

Who Is Responsible for Meeting Website Accessibility Compliance?

2020-11-26T00:45:46+11:00November 26th, 2020|Search Engine Journal|

The pandemic of 2020 has changed the lives of everyone.Were businesses and schools ready to meet the challenges for website accessibility compliance?Adapting to new ways to work remotely or go to school was not always effortless, especially for persons with disabilities.And meeting accessibility compliance historically took a back seat to just about every other business goal, creating a business risk.Though [...]

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