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3 02, 2022

How Google May Interpret Queries Based On Entity Information

2022-02-03T00:45:24+11:00February 3rd, 2022|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Bill Slawski A new patent from Google dated December 28, 2021, focuses on how to interpret queries and solve them based on entity information. I often link to Google patents in articles because I spend a lot of time learning from them. Patents are filed to describe new inventions and spur innovation from potential competitors. They provide enough [...]

24 09, 2021

The Patent Behind Google’s Query Completions

2021-09-24T21:45:27+10:00September 24th, 2021|Search Engine Journal|

Query completions are a set of predictive suggestions that might appear when a searcher starts typing a query into a search box.They offer searchers possible terms to search for based on what they start searching for, and are entirely optional.Google granted a patent on query completions on June 30, 2021. Google has added information on help pages in the past [...]

25 06, 2021

Google Patent Aims to Solve Searchers’ Need for Related Media Content

2021-06-25T23:45:44+10:00June 25th, 2021|Search Engine Journal|

There’s a newly granted Google patent out that involves methods, systems, and media for presenting content organized by category.This patent caught my attention as it talks about related entities and describes how they fit together in the world of media.This advances the idea of performing queryless searches, a hallmark of Google Discover, for media content such as TV shows, movies, [...]

27 03, 2021

Rewriting Queries Based on Context to Meet Intent

2021-03-27T08:42:09+11:00March 27th, 2021|Search Engine Journal|

So What is This New Search Intent-based Patent About?Predicting Intent in Searches With an Awareness of ContextExpanding Intent in Search ResultsI’ve been looking at sources of information that discuss the intent behind searches for many years now.I keep an eye out for patents from the search engines, and what search engineers have been saying about patents, as well.So when a [...]

3 12, 2020

How Search Queries Trigger Structured Information Cards (Knowledge Panels)

2020-12-21T12:26:39+11:00December 3rd, 2020|Search Engine Journal|

How might queries that trigger structured information cards change over time?When does a search engine decide that it should show a knowledge panel in response to a query?What words in a query will trigger that knowledge panel?A knowledge panel is sometimes referred to as a structured information card by Google.Other structured information cards contain information about things such as hotel [...]

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