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11 08, 2022

AI Re-Ranking For Semantic Search

2022-08-12T00:37:10+10:00August 11th, 2022|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Dustin Coates - Search isn’t just about matching keywords – and that’s even more true when we talk about semantic search. Semantic search is about finding the right information for the searcher at the right time. That goes beyond finding the right keywords and concepts and speculating how searchers will interact with the results. Artificial intelligence (AI) re-ranking [...]

10 06, 2022

Query Relaxation And Scoping As Part Of Semantic Search

2022-06-10T23:45:01+10:00June 10th, 2022|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Dustin Coates - The right search query is a Goldilocks-style effort: Not too specific that you get no results, and not too broad that you get too many. Semantic search, meanwhile, is all about understanding what searchers throw into a search box. In other words, with semantic search, we meet searchers where they are instead of requiring them [...]

25 04, 2022

How NLP & NLU Work For Semantic Search

2022-04-25T22:45:01+10:00April 25th, 2022|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Dustin Coates - Natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) are two often-confused technologies that make search more intelligent and ensure people can search and find what they want. This intelligence is a core component of semantic search. NLP and NLU are why you can type “dresses” and find that long-sought-after “NYE Party Dress” and why [...]

23 02, 2022

How It Works & Who It’s For

2022-02-23T23:45:40+11:00February 23rd, 2022|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Dustin Coates - For simple user queries, a search engine can reliably find the correct content using keyword matching alone. A “red toaster” query pulls up all of the products with “toaster” in the title or description, and red in the color attribute. Add synonyms like maroon for red, and you can match even more toasters. But things [...]

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