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5 08, 2022

Why You Should Target Zero Search Volume Keyword

2022-08-05T22:45:00+10:00August 5th, 2022|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Kaitie Frank - Many online businesses ignore keywords with zero search volume because they think no one is searching for that term. While it may be true that there is minimal search volume, online businesses in saturated markets can easily target these keywords and dominate a search space without much competition. What Are Zero Search Volume Keywords? Zero [...]

22 06, 2022

Deepfake Technology Pros & Cons For Digital Marketing

2022-06-22T22:45:57+10:00June 22nd, 2022|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Kaitie Frank - Deepfake technology is changing the way people see digital marketing. Though marketers are still in the early stages of experimenting with deepfakes and deepfake technology, these videos convey a more immersive marketing experience through storytelling. Deepfake technology is a type of “deep learning.” Deep learning is a machine learning type that allows computers to learn [...]

2 06, 2022

8 Machine Learning Examples From Brands To Inspire Digital Marketers

2022-06-02T22:45:13+10:00June 2nd, 2022|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Kaitie Frank - Machine learning is all the rage but what does it actually look like in practice, as part of a digital marketing strategy? You’ve encountered a machine learning strategy if you’ve used a website that recommends products based on previous purchases. Machine learning is a facet of artificial intelligence (AI) that uses algorithms to complete specific [...]

6 05, 2022

What Is Dynamic Content And How Can I Use It?

2022-05-06T23:45:21+10:00May 6th, 2022|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Kaitie Frank - Some users may be ready to buy while others need more information or prefer to browse and compare sites. Dynamic content allows you to reach all those people in real-time. But what is it, and where does it fit in your marketing mix? Dynamic content is content on a webpage, email, or ad that changes [...]

7 04, 2022

What Is DuckDuckGo & Who Uses This Alternative Search Engine?

2022-04-07T22:45:00+10:00April 7th, 2022|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Kaitie Frank - For many years, websites have collected user data to either sell to third-party sites or use for their targeted advertising. The most well-known examples include Facebook and Google. Serving an ad or showing relevant search results about the shoes you wanted seemed like a relatively harmless use of personal data that worked to (what seemed [...]

1 02, 2022

The Top 5 Link Building Strategies (With Examples)

2022-02-01T01:45:18+11:00February 1st, 2022|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Kaitie Frank Link building has always been a search engine optimization (SEO) staple. However, in the 23 years that Google has existed, link building strategies have evolved into sophisticated practices. At first, link quantity was the name of the game. The more links your site had, the higher it ranked on search engine results pages (SERPs). Today, Google [...]

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