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27 02, 2024

SEOs, Are You Using These 6 Mental Models?

2024-02-27T01:43:34+11:00February 27th, 2024|Ahrefs Blog|

Written by Mateusz Makosiewicz - People use mental models to comprehend reality, solve problems, and make decisions in everyday life. SEO is not an exception here, yet it’s not a topic you often hear about in this industry.The thing is, you need to be careful with mental models because they’re sneaky. We tend to develop them during our lives, inherit [...]

24 02, 2024

16 Key Affiliate Marketing Statistics for 2024

2024-02-28T11:00:03+11:00February 24th, 2024|BACKLINKO Blog|

Written by Backlinko Team - This is a complete list of recent affiliate marketing statistics every marketer needs to know in 2024. So if you want to find data and facts on: Affiliate marketing spending Affiliate marketing adoption Affiliate marketing return on ad spend Popular affiliate networks You’ll love the list of up-to-date stats on this page. Here’s a summary [...]

23 02, 2024

41 Key AI Statistics for 2024

2024-02-23T02:51:54+11:00February 23rd, 2024|BACKLINKO Blog|

Written by Backlinko Team - This is a complete list of the most important AI statistics every marketer needs to know in 2024. So if you want to find data and facts on: AI Market Size AI Adoption AI Use by Marketers Consumers Views on AI AI Impact on Jobs and Employment You’ll love the massive list of up-to-date stats [...]

21 02, 2024

8 Best Sitemap Generator Tools in 2024

2024-02-21T01:45:19+11:00February 21st, 2024|BACKLINKO Blog|

Written by Backlinko Team - A sitemap is a list of all the pages on your website. An XML sitemap, which is specifically meant for search engines, helps them discover new and updated content. Sitemaps also categorize your website’s content into posts, pages, or any other type of content you might have on your page. This categorization helps search engines [...]

20 02, 2024

My 5 Favorite Ahrefs Use Cases for Content Marketers

2024-02-20T21:24:18+11:00February 20th, 2024|Ahrefs Blog|

Written by Ryan Law - I’ve used Ahrefs since 2016. I thought I was a power user, but since joining the team, I’ve discovered a bunch more use cases that I can’t imagine living without.Here are five of my favorite ways to use Ahrefs for content marketing:1. Reverse-engineer your competitor’s entire content strategyLet’s be honest: we all snoop on our [...]

20 02, 2024

AI update and better language support • Yoast

2024-02-20T20:04:46+11:00February 20th, 2024|YOAST SEO|

Written by Beth Parker - In our most recent update, Yoast SEO 22.1, we are pleased to announce significant enhancements in our generative AI features. This improvement allows our Yoast SEO Premium customers to benefit from more advanced AI-generated meta descriptions and titles. This also means that you, our customers, will benefit from better support for languages other than English. [...]

20 02, 2024

A Guide to Optimal Online Performance

2024-02-20T03:19:00+11:00February 20th, 2024|SEMrush Blog|

Written by - What Is Website Health?Website health is that foundation that keeps your site working and performing properly. It’s conveyed by a collection of metrics that measure your site based on how secure, easy to use, and optimized for search engine visibility it is.And maintaining a healthy site can help you attract more traffic and potentially increase conversions or sales.But [...]

20 02, 2024

A Beginner’s Guide to SEO Reporting

2024-02-20T01:33:23+11:00February 20th, 2024|Ahrefs Blog|

Written by Chris Haines - How can you prove to your boss, client, or other stakeholders that you’re not wasting your time with your SEO efforts? The best way is to share regular SEO reports with them that track the performance of your SEO campaign.SEO reporting mixes insights, actions, data, strategy, and communication all into one document. It sounds like [...]

19 02, 2024

Fospha’s Insights to Unlock eCommerce Growth in 2024

2024-02-19T23:00:03+11:00February 19th, 2024|Search Engine Watch Blog|

Written by Fospha Team - In the ever-evolving landscape of eCommerce, staying ahead requires constant adaptation and strategic insights. The Fospha State of eCommerce Report for Q1 2024 brings valuable data to the forefront, guiding marketers, advertisers, business owners, and agencies in the eCommerce industry on where to channel their efforts for maximum return.   The report reveals a significant underinvestment [...]

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