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22 10, 2020

How to Calculate SEO ROI (With Formulas)

2020-10-22T02:30:00+11:00October 22nd, 2020|SEMrush Blog|

Like any marketing channel, you need to demonstrate the ROI (return on investment) from your SEO activities. Any marketing strategy that's receiving investment, either internally or via an outsourced team, should demonstrate its value. But all too often, the measurement of SEO stops at tracking KPIs like traffic and ranking positions.  Calculating the ROI of your SEO campaign is possible, however. [...]

21 10, 2020

Facebook & Instagram embeds on WordPress break soon • Yoast

2020-10-21T23:45:16+11:00October 21st, 2020|YOAST SEO|

Edwin Toonen Edwin is a strategic content specialist. Before joining Yoast, he spent years honing his skill at The Netherlands’ leading web design magazine. Some time ago, Facebook announced that it would change the way it handles embeds on other sites. From October 24, you can no longer simply paste your links in WordPress to make your Facebook and Instagram [...]

21 10, 2020

Basic Reputation Management for Better Customer Service

2020-10-21T11:00:00+11:00October 21st, 2020|Moz Blog|

The Internet can be a great connector, but sometimes, it acts as a barrier. Your local business receives a negative review, and the slate-colored words on the bland white screen can seem so cold, remote. You respond, but the whole interaction feels stilted, formal, devoid of face-to-face human feelings, like this: At least when a complaint occurs via phone, the [...]

21 10, 2020

How to Use the SEMrush Audience Insights for Your Marketing Campaigns

2020-10-21T05:42:00+11:00October 21st, 2020|SEMrush Blog|

The Value of Audience Insights Data  Are you sure you have a feel for your target online audience? Marketing itself is not rocket science, but consumer behavior can be. Customers make choices based on a number of volatile factors, some of which are not obvious at all. You can’t predict their actions, but you can leverage consumer insights to optimize [...]

21 10, 2020

SEO Helper Class

2020-10-21T04:32:03+11:00October 21st, 2020|SEO Store|

LIVE PREVIEWBUY FOR $7 Well SEO is important for all websites. This class helps you to generate the keywords and description from given text. It should save your time because developing such algorithm is not easy. You can use features like banned keywords – for example you don’t want to have the words like “be” and “I” (in English) in [...]

21 10, 2020

3 Simple Ways to Build Links With Images

2020-10-21T03:00:45+11:00October 21st, 2020|Ahrefs Blog|

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to link building, a picture can quite literally be worth a thousand links.For example, take this simple comic from xkcd:According to Ahrefs’ Site Explorer, it has links from over 7,000 referring domains:While it might be challenging to replicate this runaway level of success, there are simple ways we [...]

21 10, 2020

Q&A with Moz’s Sarah Bird

2020-10-21T02:56:48+11:00October 21st, 2020|Search Engine Watch Blog|

30-second summary: Hyperlocal SEO will help struggling communities salvage their local businesses. Moz surveyed over 1,400 local business marketers and more than half said they plan to implement Google’s new features to support COVID-19 affected businesses. Five under-rated yet crucial parameters marketers need to stay on top of. Sarah Bird’s special tips to optimize audience engagement at various marketing touchpoints. [...]

21 10, 2020

How to use personal passions to create meaningful content

2020-10-21T01:57:26+11:00October 21st, 2020|Search Engine Watch Blog|

30-second summary: Nearly half of all consumers consume plenty of content before deciding on a purchase, so brands should focus on crafting compelling, useful reads. If you position your brand as a trusted source, people are five times likelier to look to you for pre-purchase information. RAPP copywriter Jack Schuleman shares three tips for encouraging a team to use personal passions [...]

21 10, 2020

How to Become an SEO Expert (What it Really Takes in 2021 and Beyond)

2020-10-21T00:31:00+11:00October 21st, 2020|SEMrush Blog|

By now, anyone who uses the internet has probably heard of SEO. But they might not have a full understanding of what it is or how it works. Essentially, SEO is the art of optimizing the content you publish so that your website turns up higher in search engine results. This means more traffic to your website, more people engaging your [...]

21 10, 2020

6 Elements of a Powerful SEO Product Description

2020-10-21T00:00:00+11:00October 21st, 2020|SEMrush Blog|

Product descriptions are a key part of running a successful eCommerce business and a good description is your chance to overcome any misgivings your customers may have about spending money. The heart of how you do this is by convincing the reader that your product offers real value to them in a way that resonates.  Read on and learn how [...]

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