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21 09, 2023

7 Link Building Tips For Beginners

2023-09-21T19:00:33+10:00September 21st, 2023|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Bibi Raven - I know, my poor link builder n00bs. It’s brutal out there. But I got you! I’m Bibi the Link Builder and I’ve been building backlinks since the days of yore. I’ve trained a horde of wide-eyed newbies for my agency and other link builder teams, so I know what you’re going through. Let me share [...]

18 09, 2023

6 Ways To Optimize Your PPC Performance

2023-09-18T10:00:08+10:00September 18th, 2023|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Lisa Raehsler - PPC optimizations are critical to improve your paid search advertising campaigns’ performance. Before we get into our top tips, what exactly is PPC optimization? After paid search campaigns are launched, running, and collecting data, optimizations begin. Pay-per-click (PPC) optimization is the process of reviewing, analyzing, and editing campaign elements to improve performance based on business [...]

14 09, 2023

Generative Retrieval For Ranking Answers

2023-09-14T22:00:09+10:00September 14th, 2023|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Roger Montti - Microsoft announced a new conversational question answering model that outperforms other methods, answering questions faster and accurately while using significantly less resources. What is proposed is a new way to rank passages from content using what they call Generative Retrieval For Conversational Question Answering, which they named GCoQA. The researchers write that the next direction [...]

9 09, 2023

Google Completes Rollout Of August 2023 Core Update

2023-09-11T10:00:07+10:00September 9th, 2023|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Kristi Hines - Find out what next steps website owners should take now the Google Search August 2023 core update is complete. Google has fully rolled out its August 2023 Core Update, affecting search rankings across multiple sectors. In addition to a core update in March, Google released two review updates in February and April earlier this year. [...]

7 09, 2023

Google Confirms Google Sites Are “Not Ideal For SEO Purposes”

2023-09-07T19:34:18+10:00September 7th, 2023|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Roger Montti - Google’s John Mueller offered advice about the use of Google Sites for SEO, downplaying the usefulness of Google Sites for SEO. Google Sites Google Sites is a website creation service offered at with a signed-in Google account. The site is hosted website builder that’s free and published under a domain although one can [...]

2 09, 2023

Threads Tests Keyword Search In Australia & New Zealand

2023-09-04T10:00:12+10:00September 2nd, 2023|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Kristi Hines - Instagram, the popular photo-sharing platform, has taken another step in augmenting its services ecosystem by adding keyword search to the Threads app. Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, announced that the company is testing the new functionality in Australia and New Zealand, with plans to expand to more countries soon. Screenshot from Threads, September 2023 [...]

31 08, 2023

Google’s Experimental Feature Makes Webpages Faster

2023-08-31T22:00:07+10:00August 31st, 2023|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Roger Montti - Google announced a new way to run JavaScript that improves webpage responsiveness, helping publishers who use it to beat their competitors performance in a new core web vital metric. The announcement provides a sneak peek at a way to turbocharge webpage performance. If this trial is successful then it may be something that publishers across [...]

26 08, 2023

WordPress Announces 100-Year Domain Name Registrations

2023-08-26T22:15:43+10:00August 26th, 2023|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Roger Montti - announced a one hundred year domain registration that comes with managed hosting and 24/7 customer service and other features for one price. WordPress 100-Year Plan The typical maximum domain name registration period is capped at ten years. So it’s quite unusual to be able to register a domain for one hundred years. WordPress calls [...]

24 08, 2023

Scale Your B2B Google Ads Strategy Across Multiple Languages

2023-08-24T18:15:51+10:00August 24th, 2023|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Adriana Stein - Humans are incredibly diverse – and it’s marketing’s job to respect, engage, and nurture that. Expanding a B2B business from English-only strategies to regional, multi-language campaigns can absolutely be the turning point of your success. In fact, it’s hard to believe that not everyone’s taking advantage of it. Mass-market, English-only campaigns cost a ton of [...]

19 08, 2023

Google Answers If Noindex Is Okay For Altering Sitelinks

2023-08-21T10:00:08+10:00August 19th, 2023|Search Engine Journal|

Written by Roger Montti - Google’s John Mueller answered a question in Reddit about whether it’s okay to no-index a webpage in order to keep it from being shown in the sitelinks. Sitelinks, which are clustered links in the search results from one domain and are are typically shown when someone searches for the name or URL of a website. [...]

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