5 09, 2022

Advice From Schema App’s CEO

2022-09-05T22:45:54+10:00September 5th, 2022|Search Engine Journal, SEO|

Written by Bea Canuel - What does it take to rise to the top of search results and stay visible? Martha van Berkel, co-founder, and CEO of Schema App, gave a definite answer in an SEJ podcast episode with Loren Baker: “You must translate your content into the language of search engines.” And that language is schema.org. Adding this to [...]

5 09, 2022

Do They Help Or Hurt Your SEO?

2022-09-05T21:45:51+10:00September 5th, 2022|Link Building, Search Engine Journal, SEO|

Written by Julia McCoy - Early in the 2000s, reciprocal link building was a popular method to increase your search traffic and boost your backlink profile. Also referred to as “traded” or “exchanged” links, reciprocal links were something of an SEO hack – even though they were technically against Google’s guidelines. These days, Google still says “no” to reciprocal links [...]

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